June 14, 2024

Real estate financing in Caixa or other banks? see interest

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Real estate financing in Caixa or other banks?  see interest

last week , Federal Savings Bank It announced that it had readjusted the mortgage rate to 8% annually. This increase is effective from Tuesday (23) and is taking place in the form of reference rate (TR) financing. In this way, the customer pays the pre-set interest rate, plus TR, which is currently zero. So, to find out more, check below.

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Real estate financing in Caixa or other banks? See the interest rates charged

And so, with the rise, Caixa says it follows the logic of the market, namely with the rise in interest rates. Until then, the index was 7.35%. In a note, Caixa emphasized that, even with the repositioning, “it remains the bank that provides the best conditions for clients who want to purchase a property.”

In addition to the TR-based mortgage, Caixa also offers three other methods. One is inflation-based, with an IPCA variance and a flat rate starting at 2.95%; One on a savings basis, with savings interest plus a flat rate starting at 2.95%; And finally, a flat rate, which can range from 9.5% to 9.95% annually.

Finally, you can choose to fund others Banks. fur Bank of Brazil (BB), up to 80% of the property value can be financed in 420 months (35 years). Currently, the flat rate is 8.99% per annum, plus TR (currently at zero). Santander has rates starting at 8.99% per annum plus TR and 10.99% per annum plus TR.

And Itau, in turn, has two options. The first of them has a flat rate of 8.3% per annum plus TR. The second rate varies by income on savings plus a flat rate of 2.99% per annum.

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