May 31, 2023
Realme GT 2 Pro: a well-balanced top at a fair price |  Analysis / review

Realme GT 2 Pro: a well-balanced top at a fair price | Analysis / review

realme has reached the Brazilian market with its new and best-in-class cell phone, The GT2 Pro. Posted with s 35 in the national market. They are models for different audiences and for those interested in the GT 2 Pro, expect it to offer as good a range as the best of the other brands.

The model we tested is white and has a special finish made of biopolymer that helps reduce carbon emissions in manufacturing. The ending resembles paper texture, hence the name of the color White papers. Although it is a high quality material, it does not have the premium feel that other glass backed colors have.

The GT 2 Pro features Samsung’s second generation Super AMOLED LTPO display. It’s a 1-120Hz panel with strong brightness, great color calibration, a wide viewing angle, and HDR10+ support. The audio part lacks power compared to the other flagships, but it offers good quality for movies and games.

Performance at the expense of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with 12 GB of RAM, as well as the ability to expand with virtual RAM. It is a fast phone, but it does not beat its predecessor with Snapdragon 888. In any case, it still stands above others with the same hardware, such as Galaxy S22 Plus. The good news is that the more efficient dissipation system prevents the GT 2 Pro from overheating like the others.

The 5000 mAh battery lasts quite well, beating its predecessor, but not to the point of being impressive. Since we have a screen that reduces the refresh rate to 1 Hz, we expected better autonomy. Either way, you’ll get all-day battery life. The charger is the same as the reame GT 5G and it takes 40 minutes to fill the battery.

The photography group is competent and produces good photos in any lighting condition. The difference is for the smaller camera with a microscope lens with a magnification of up to 40x. It is possible to capture small objects and even insects in great detail. Of course, the sensor has a low resolution, so do not expect ultra-clear images.

Is it worth buying Realme GT 2 Pro? It’s a great top that offers a good multimedia experience, nimble performance, all-day battery life and good cameras. To check out all the details, simply access the full analysis below.

Realme GT 2 Pro arrived in Brazil in May 2022 by 5,999 BRL. Below you can find on-device offers as they become available:

Realme GT 2 Pro is not yet available in Brazilian stores. To be notified when it arrives.