February 26, 2024
Residents of bombed areas in Ukraine tell Fantastico: “We pray that bombs will not fall on our homes” |  Nice

Residents of bombed areas in Ukraine tell Fantastico: “We pray that bombs will not fall on our homes” | Nice

this week Ukraine It was subjected to the largest Russian attack since the beginning of the war in February. a Nice There are residents of the areas bombed in recent days. These are reports on those who fear they may be the next victim.

This week’s bombings were Russia’s revenge on A An explosion, on October 8, on the bridge linking the mainland with Crimea, a Ukrainian territory occupied by the Russians.. The Russia blame him Ukraine For this attack, which undermines Putin’s plans.

“This has always been the main goal of Russia. not attached to Ukraine In its entirety, but with guaranteed access by land to Crimea”, says Antonio Jorge Ramalho, Professor of International Relations at UnB.

At the beginning of the week, there was a large-scale attack on Ukrainein order of Russian President Vladimir PutinAt least 26 people were killed. Among them, in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, d. Oksana Leontyeva. She specialized in bone marrow transplantation for children with leukemia.

The situation has worsened to the point that the International Committee of the Red Cross is accustomed to the most hostile conditions, Considered suspension of work.

During missile attacks, we need to protect ourselves. But our teams continue to work, even in hard-to-reach places. Every day we make decisions that keep us safe, but take into account the needs of the population. “We are operating normally,” said humanitarian leader Achille Depress.

“This morning, I was heading to the office, it was a beautiful day, everything seemed normal. But all of a sudden, Sirens sound, and everything changes. Some people run for cover, others look up at the sky to see if something is coming. This affects mental health a lot,” Achilles continues.

In Zaporizhzhia, the nuclear plant is still operated by the Ukrainians, but on Russian orders. For now, the biggest fear of those who live there is to survive the bombing.

Vasily Gedarievich is a priest who still lives in the city, a place whose routine has changed.

“We can’t abandon the faithful because they need the food we distribute. Usually, the bombing happens at night. When the sirens go off, we start praying so that bombs don’t fall on our homes,” explains Vasily.

Watch the full interviews in the video above.

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