March 3, 2024
Rodrigo Santana denies remorse and sees himself wronged by his expulsion by Corinthians

Rodrigo Santana denies remorse and sees himself wronged by his expulsion by Corinthians

On Tuesday, Corinthians Announced withdrawal from the contract with Rodrigo Santana. The professional who will be part of the technical committee of Fernando Lázaro suffered from the disapproval of the masses due to his presence in an anti-democratic act. this wednesday, The assistant said that he does not feel any remorse and sees himself as being wronged by the situation in the Alfingro club.

While participating in a program before Radio 98Rodrigo, from Minas Gerais, spoke for the first time after withdrawing from Timao. The 40-year-old professional showed no remorse and said he had been wronged.

“Do I regret it? We receive an invitation from friends, they say that the environment has only old people, only families, children, it doesn’t cost you anything to go for a walk, get to know it, see the history, what it looks like… This does not mean that I will regret being in such an environment. I am a man who seeks to understand all sides and respect all sides and opinions. I love talking to older people, with those who have already been there and lived with it and experienced it. I like to study, read and talk with those who have had the experience. “I think that’s important, because it doesn’t make me think like other people,” said Rodrigo.

“Sometimes, many criticize these old people for never going to these asylums. From there, their ideas are born. I think my situation was very unfair, and there would be no way I could come here and say that I regretted it, that I did no crime, as so many people have described me.added the professional.

Rodrigo Santana He took a picture in the barracks during the recent post-election demonstrations. The situation caused a “fake news” alert to appear on your device Instagram🇧🇷 The assistant commented on how the social network handled his account.

“I post a lot of stuff on Instagram that I get from friends and family, and I post a lot of memes too. I don’t post anything to insult anyone, discriminate, or attack, I’ve always been concerned about treating people well. I interact with a lot of people Those who differ in opinion and fans, not only with regard to what is happening in the country, but with regard to matches, I respect those who do not have the same opinion as mine. You can be sure,” Rodrigo commented.

🇧🇷I was surprised, really surprised that they took it that way and hurt me. If you search for me on Instagram it will show I am posting fake news. We feel bad, we don’t know who is overseeing this. She went to receive a picture of me in action and he showed it… I don’t remember how he said it, but he was saying it violated Instagram’s guidelines,” the aide completed.

Finally, Rodrygo thanked Corinthians for the invitation and wished success to Fernando Lazaro and his coaching staff. The assistant also proved to be pro-democracy.

“What’s left? God only knows. We understand and hope everything is very clear. Every story has two sides. I’ve waited for my side to get past. I hope we don’t mix things up. If you put together a bunch of black and red ants in the same glass, they’ll always live very well.” , No problem, no confusion. Now if you take this bottle and shake it, nothing will be alive, “said the assistant.

“Instead of fighting, who thinks like this, like this, has an ideology, another, we better understand who shakes this glass to create so much division and division in human beings. IUnfortunately it happened, I wish Corinthians all the best, I respect the decision, I am so grateful to be remembered, and for the employment, I also respect the opinion. I am also very pro-democracy.”Rodrigo completed.

Without Rodrigo Santana, Corinthians continue their quest to complement Fernando Lazaro’s coaching staff🇧🇷 With the Alfinegro re-presentation scheduled for December 14th, Timão is running out of time.

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