February 28, 2024
Salaries, SAF, manager and debt at FIFA: Luxembourg's survival at Cruzeiro depends on situations |  Sea trip

Salaries, SAF, manager and debt at FIFA: Luxembourg’s survival at Cruzeiro depends on situations | Sea trip

Cruzeiro and Vanderley Luxemburgo have important definitions at the end of 2021. On the pitch, the coach needs to work to secure Cruzeiro in the second division. Out and about, the Celestial Board and the captain have to agree to renew the contract in the next round. season. Despite the public declarations of interests, nothing has been signed and the situation depends on important definitions.

After Cruzeiro’s draw against Villa Nova, Luxa has once again spoken publicly about her desire to remain in charge of the team in 2022. Cruzeiro President Sergio Santos Rodriguez He also commented that he wanted the coach at Toca da Raposa. So what is missing from the definition?

Luxembourg coach Cruzeiro – Photo: Gustavo Alexo / Cruzeiro

Luxembourg has, on several occasions, stated that one of the conditions for training and remaining as a captain at Cruzeiro is salary update. Cruzeiro recently witnessed a strike by professional players that exposed delays in several sectors of the club.

Luxembourg publicly supported the players’ strike and also praised the decision to return to training after a conversation. last week, Fox has begun to settle overdue debts. According to Sergio Santos Rodriguez, Until Wednesday (3) all values ​​will be agreed with the employees.

Cruzeiro was able to raise funds after renting the club’s administrative headquarters, for 10 years, to Pedro Lourenzo, businessman and one of the club’s sponsors. However, it remains uncertain whether payments by the end of the year will be made on time.

NS Cruzeiro states that in December 2022, he will transition to the club company model. The transition will be based on Law 14193 (August 6, 2021), which has become known as “SAF Law”, short for Sociedade Anônima do Futebol, but what does this mean in practice?

Minas Gerais FC will receive a new CNPJ and will register all football management contracts with this new number. Having narrowed the legal edges, the corporation is now seeking to record the bylaws of the SAF, with the aim of speeding up the legal process so that when there is an investor, it is only necessary to put the money into the company’s cash register.

Recently, this was mentioned by businessman and former Celestial Investor, Regis Campos The amount that Cruzeiro intends with the Sudanese Armed Forces is about 350 million Brazilian riyals. This amount will be in order to select the cast for the upcoming season. Luxembourg has stated that it wants to have a stronger team to compete in the second division, different from what happened with Cruzeiro in the past two years.

For rental and season planning, as well as renewing with the coach, Cruzeiro must settle another position currently suspended in the team.

Cruzeiro is currently without a football manager. Rodrigo Bastana’s resignation, at the beginning of last month, left a hole in the heavenly blueprint that has yet to be replaced. Cruzeiro, without haste, is looking for a new name to fill the position.

Since taking over Cruzeiro, Sergio Santos Rodriguez has taken over four directors of football: Ricardo Drupsky, David, Andre Mazzuko and Rodrigo Bastana. None of them signed and the search for the fifth name is there, but he will need to be a Luxa ‘certified’ professional so the coach’s contract can be renewed.

Alexandre Matos, who worked at Cruzeiro between 2012 and 2015, was approached by the board of directors, but there was no agreement. The CEO is the preferred name of the club’s main investor, Pedro Lourenco – who got his last wishes: the hiring of Luxembourg and the resignation of Rodrigo Bastana.

Currently, Vanderlei Luxemburgo (coach), Ricardo Rocha (technical director), Andre Argolo (sporting director), Claudiomir Resets (football supervisor), and Cruzeiro’s president himself make the football decisions of Cruzeiro.

But to hire Fox, he has to solve another problem…

Currently, Cruzeiro has two effective FIFA sanctions that prevent the registration of new player contracts – that is, preventing the club from signing new contracts. This situation will be resolved when Cruzeiro pays about 13 million Rls from the entity.

The debts arise from the business done by the club with two teams. With the Uruguayan defender, by midfielder Arascaeta, the debt is about 7 million Brazilian Real. Along with Mazatlan, from Mexico, debt is R$6 million to hire striker Riascos, in 2015.

Persons’ contracts will not be renewed under this penalty. However, like Give Even if the club changes CNPJ – as expected with the implementation of SAF, Cruzeiro will continue to sanction.

The penalty starts with FIFA; National and international confederations and confederations must respect the chain’s rules and regulations. The SAF is a federal law and does not have the autonomy to change the expected penalties. The debt loan of R$13 million can be paid to the “old” CNPJ, but the mathematical penalty, no.

Five Star Partner – Cruzeiro – Photo: Publicity