June 1, 2023

Salom, from America, analyzes the sale of the SAF from Cruzeiro to Ronaldo

Photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA Press

Salom analyzed the sale of SAF do Cruzeiro to Ronaldo Fenmeno

Marcos Salom, president of the US Sociedade Anima do Futebol (SAF), has analyzed the sale of 90% of the shares of SAF do Cruzeiro to Ronaldo for 400 million Brazilian riyals. According to the manager leading Coelho’s negotiations, the Celestial club had no other choice but to sell to the former Brazilian team player.

Participate in the podcast Supersports interview, this Thursday (12), Salloum Salloum highlights two positive aspects of the work between Raposa and Fenmeno. But it also added to what could happen in the long run with Cruzeiro in the event of mismanagement.

“I will say two things about this: Cruzeiro had no choice, but at least he went to someone at work to prove it. Those are two good things I would say. I know the contract, but it is good that Cruzeiro has no other choice. What would he do?”

“The second thing for someone in the industry, I’ve brought in people who know, I show, but they’re going to suffer a lot. Cruzeiro will suffer what I want America not to suffer: debt pollution,” he warned.

Ronaldo signed the intention to buy 90% of Cruzeiro’s shares on December 18, but demanded a 120-day period to conduct due diligence at the club. The The deal was only completed on April 8.

The current agreement provides for an investment of R$400 million over the next five years, either through the entrepreneur’s own resources and/or additional revenue generated from football activity (sports sales, television rights, awards, box office, partners, sponsorship). ) is higher than the average calculated from 2017 to 2021 (about R$220 million).

Discussion about sales templates

After the “counter-proposal”, some managers took a position in favor of Ronaldo’s wishes, while others understood that the association would risk losing its assets permanently and not be able to pay the rest of the obligations within ten years.

The Board of Directors of the Board of Deliberations also questioned the initial terms of business. Therefore, set a date to vote to complete the sale according to the new templates.

Ronaldo’s commitments

In accordance with SAF law, the club company will also transfer 20% of its revenue to reduce civil union debt.

The repayment term is six years, extendable for another four years if the club settles 60% of the original obligation. The amount of R$1 billion can be reduced in direct negotiation with creditors.

With Ronaldo active in management since December 18, 2021, Cruzeiro has paid off over 38 million Brazilian Reals in debt to FIFA and kept their salaries updated for athletes and staff.