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salty! The new Honda Accord hybrid reaches nearly 300 thousand Brazilian riyals | otmania

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Na dianteira, mudam as molduras em volta dos faróis de neblina

In the front, they change the tires around the fog lightsdisclosure

Posted on 08/13/2021 9:44 PM

RIO — About four months after it was officially announced, Honda started selling the new Accord Hybrid, finally, in Brazil, this Thursday. This model is the first of three electrified models that the Japanese brand has promised to our market. Equipped with a three-motor HEV system, the model delivers up to 184 horsepower and a suggested price tag of R$300,000. In this range, the sedan jumps to the position of the most expensive car of the Japanese brand here.

The official value is R$299,900, which is an increase of R$42,000 over the conventional engine model, the Touring Edition, with the 1.5-turbo engine sold so far. The motor of the model has three operating modes, which can vary depending on use.

The first and second use 100% of the power coming from the electric motors (EV and Hybrid Drive), with a power of 184 hp. The difference between the two modes is that in the hybrid, the 145 hp 2.0 gasoline engine acts as a power generator for the batteries.

There is also a third mode called Engine Drive, in which the combustion engine is only turned on to propel the large sedan. The torque produced by this option is 17.8 kgf / m². With the differences, the model is able to provide a consumption of 17.6 km / l in the city and 17.1 km / l on the road, according to INMETRO.

In addition to the change under the hood, the model exchanges details on the exterior and interior. On the outside, there are changes to the front and rear fenders. The trim now features a black finish that accentuates the front fog lamp bezels. In the back, the piece failed to fetch the two false escape porters that were in the previous line. On the sides, the 17 wheeled wheels acquire dark contours.

The media center now features a media center capable of mirroring 6 Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The old system failed because it didn’t have the job. Changing the graphics on the dashboard was another subtle thing that the Japanese automaker did.

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