June 18, 2024

Sanitary control in Porto Alegre suspends the collection and bottling of mineral water of the brand

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Sanitary control in Porto Alegre suspends the collection and bottling of mineral water of the brand

The Municipality of Porto Alegre has informed that the Municipal Health Secretariat has suspended the collection and bottling of Fontes de Belém water.

This procedure was carried out due to an unsatisfactory result that was shown in the analysis report of the State Food Sanitary Quality Control Program.

“The analyzed samples are from the 25th day batch, manufactured on May 25, 2023 and valid until July 9, 2023. The result did not comply with current legal standards regarding total coliforms, Pseudomonas aeruginosa microorganisms and raw materials. Foreign materials (insect fragments, plastic fragments) , fragments of plant tissue and amorphous particles), pose an imminent danger to public health,” the city council said.

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The municipality stated that the company was notified and informed of the suspension on Wednesday (12), when it was given 24 hours to provide a satisfactory quality result for the pieces already distributed to the trade.

“Since the company has not certified the quality of human consumption of the water already distributed, according to documented quality control, it must arrange for its collection with documented proof of health control,” asserts Nayara Polito, Head of EVA.

In order to resume collection and packaging, the person in charge of the company must take corrective measures such as cleaning equipment and facilities, disinfection carried out by a specialized company approved by health authorities in the packing area, effective protection against the arrival of tankers in the packing area, cleaning and maintenance of the pipeline passing through the catchment water water, among other necessary measures.

“It will also be necessary to provide satisfactory water quality reports and only after inspection by the EVA can the operating license be valid,” the city council completed.

Nyara points out that if Fontes de Belém brand water is purchased, the consumer must inform the city council, through service number 156.

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