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Santos – Atletico Go Live (1-0) | 07/10/2022

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19: 589 minutes ago

51′ Game over!

Santos 1 x 0 Atlético Go.

19: 589 minutes ago


Camacho’s beautiful dribbling, playing for Lucas Barbosa, 21 lap shirt for Marcos Leonardo, Ronaldo goes head to head with kicks. The ball passes dangerously, removing the paint from the post.

19:5710 minutes ago

50′ another one

Let’s go to 51.

19:5710 minutes ago

49 ‘Tried again

As in the first half, Marcus Leonardo tried to take a bike from the edge of the area. The ball was weak and Ronaldo fit it.

19:5611 minutes ago

48′ yellow card 🟨

Hainer received a card due to a foul on Bruno Oliveira.

19:5512 minutes ago

47 ‘Ronaldo

Bruno Oliveira advances to the right, enters the area and performs tricks and kicks. Ronaldo does well. The fish wins with an angle.

19:53 14 minutes ago

45′ Five more!

Let’s go up to 50.

19:53 14 minutes ago


Lucas Lima runs from the left and enters the area and gives a nice flexibility, but at the time of the kick he hit Madson and the ball went into the net from outside. Atletico corner.

19:5116 minutes ago

44′ toggle at Santos 🔄

19:5116 minutes ago

43 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Lucas Barbosa’s card, due to a foul on Chorin.

19:49 18 minutes ago


Lucas Lima kicks from far and passes the ball dangerously over Joao Paulo’s goal.

19:48 19 minutes ago

41′ toggle at Atlético 🔄

19:45 22 minutes ago

37 ‘

Jefferson hoists the ball in the area, Shoren climbs up and heads away.

19:44 23 minutes ago

36′ Joao Bulowo!

Jefferson’s beautiful shot, the ball was going to the tray, but Joao Paulo flies and makes a great save.

19:4225 minutes ago

34 ‘

Hainer cross, Santos defense leaves.

19:3928 minutes ago

31′ Jules de Santos ⚽️

After a corner kick, the ball remains live inside the area, and leaves the ball at the feet of Lucas Barbosa, who sends it to the back of the net. 1 to 0 thickness.

19:38 29 minutes ago


Felipe Jonathan crosses from the second stick, and Madson heads, but the ball hit the defense and Pixie won a corner kick.

19:35 31 minutes ago

29′ toggle at Atlético 🔄

19:34 33 minutes ago

27 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Ronaldo receives a “wax” card at the time of the goal kick.

19:3334 minutes ago


Bruno Oliveira takes a free kick in the area, Bowermann tries hard, but the ball goes too far.

19:32 35 minutes ago


Atlético hoists the ball in the area, Luiz Fernando would have headed in, but Bormann climbed up really well, arrived before that and left.

19:30 37 minutes ago

23 ‘

Bruno Oliveira cleans and finishes his left leg. But the ball goes up too much and goes out.

19:28 39 minutes ago


Marcos Leonardo receives kicks in the area but the ball explodes in the defense.

19:24 43 minutes ago

16′ Switch into Santos 🔄

19:23 44 minutes ago

15 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Luis Fernando card, for a foul.

19:22 hours ago

15 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Camacho received a card, for a foul, which gave the referee an advantage.

19:21 hours ago


Barallas crosses Jorginho’s head, the midfielder is heading steadily and the ball dangerously passes by the goal.

19:19 hours ago


Atlético makes a rehearsed move, but it doesn’t work. The ball exploded into a Santos defense, which pushed it wide.

19:12 hours ago

05 ‘

Baptistão risks from the middle, the ball deflects midway and Peixe wins with a corner kick.

19:12 hours ago

04 ‘

Hainer low cross pass, Luis Fernando arrives to shoot the ball but sends it wide of the goal.

19:11 hours ago

03 “Yellow Card”

Rodrigo Fernandes received a card for a foul by Luis Fernando.

19:09 an hour ago

02 ‘

Lucas receives Braga inside the area, kicks, but is intercepted. Corner of Santos.

19:07 an hour ago

00 ‘ball rolling

The second half begins.

19:07 an hour ago

⏱ ‘Switch in Atlético-GO

19:06 an hour ago

⏱ ‘Switch in Santos 🔄

18:52 hours ago

50′ end of the first half

Santos 0x0 Atletico Joe.

18:51 hours ago

49′ Fantastic

Jorginho makes a good move on the left, rolling to hit Baralhas, but the ball explodes on Zanocelo.

18:50 hours ago

49′ weak out

Marcus Leonardo tries to ride the bike from the edge of the area, the ball weakens and Ronaldo makes it easier to defend.

18:48 hours ago

47′ Joao Paulo!

Airton receives the ball and ends by force. Joao Paulo makes a good defense and keeps away from Atlético’s goal.

18:47 hours ago

45′ plus five overtime

Let’s go up to 50.

18:47 hours ago

45′ Fantastic

The ball is left for Jorginho inside the area, and he hits it in place, but halfway through, Bormann swerves away with a squash.

18:46 hours ago

44′ yellow card 🟨

Santos captain Marcelo Fernandez received a card to file a complaint.

18:45 hours ago

43 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Shaylon receives a card because of Sanchez’s contamination.

18:44 hours ago

42′ above the line

Lucas Braga made a good move on the left, hitting a cross, the ball would have understood but Jefferson pushed it away. Almost a dozen fish.

18:42 hours ago

40 ‘Curiosity

Santos has not won at home in five matches. And in the last 13 games of the season, he won only once.

18:41 hours ago

39 ‘

Madson crosses the area, the ball stays alive in the area, but no one can finish the ball and the Atlético defense rushes away.

18:38 hours ago


Felipe Jonathan on the floor in pain and receiving medical attention.

18:362 hours ago

34 ‘

Léo Baptistão tried to throw Marcos Leonardo, but the ball was too strong and went off the baseline.

18:352 hours ago

33 ‘

Atletico paid a free kick inside the area and Santos defense removes the danger.

18:332 hours ago

31 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Sanchez receives a card due to a deck error.

18:312 hours ago


Ayrton takes risks from the midfielder, Joao Paulo fits the ball and keeps it.

18: 302 hours ago

28 ‘

Jorginho raises the ball in the area, Leo Baptistao moves away.

18:282 hours ago

26 ‘

Lucas Braga went up to the left, and the ball rolled to Zanusillo on the edge of the area. The steering wheel slams into place, but Ronaldo calmly defends.

18:272 hours ago

26 ‘

Madson’s cross, Atlético’s defense left.

18:252 hours ago

23 ‘

Felipe Jonathan hits a quick side to Lucas Braga, starts and passes a cross to Baptistao, the shirt 92 is fixed to Zanusillo, who hits the hit. Atlético’s defense enters and the ball goes up to a corner.

18: 242 hours ago

22′ again!

After a corner kick, the ball is left with Baptistao, who arranges, cleans and hits, and the ball passes over the goal.

18: 242 hours ago


Maicon lifts the ball in the area, but the ball goes towards the goal, but Ronaldo jumps and saves.

18: 222 hours ago


Sanchez lifts the ball in the area, the Atletico defense rushes away.

18:21 2 hours ago

19 ‘Defend Ronaldo

Madson cross from the right, and the ball reaches Baptistao, who controls, rotates and kicks towards the goal. Ronaldo flies and saves beautifully. Fish corner.

18:18 2 hours ago

16 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Zanocelo receives a complaint card.

18:172 hours ago


Rodrigo Fernandez presses and steals the ball on his way out of Atlético. The steering wheel crosses the head of Marcos Leonardo, who shoots a foul and sends it out of the goal defended by Ronaldo.

18:162 hours ago

13 ‘athletic compression

Shaylon takes a corner, and Bauermann avoids danger. But the rest remains with the dragon who wins another corner.

18:142 hours ago


Hainer plays well on the right, at the time of the cross, Bowermann intercepted it and sent it to a corner.

18:142 hours ago


Santos responds with a Baptistão counterattack, as the 92nd jersey invades the area and crosses back. Atletico defense removes the danger.

18:13 2 hours ago


Atlético raises the ball in the area, Madson pushes it away. Barallas has leftovers, and let’s go, Joao Paulo defends in two halves.

18:10 2 hours ago

09 ‘

Airton tries to cross, and the ball hits the Santos defense and goes to a corner.

18:07 2 hours ago

05 ‘up

Airton receives the ball on the right wing, cuts inside and kicks from the middle. The ball rises a lot and goes out.

18:04 2 hours ago

03 ‘

Felipe Jonathan takes a free kick, the ball explodes into the wall.

18:02 2 hours ago

00 ‘

Madson charges sideways into the area, Atletico defense pulling away.

18:01 2 hours ago

00 ‘The game begins!

Rolling the ball at Villa Belmiro.

17:562 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the game’

Play the Brazilian national anthem.

17:542 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the game’

Teams come to the field.

17:11 3 hours ago

⏱ The dragon has risen!

17:07 3 hours ago

⏱ ‘Scaling the fish!

17:00 3 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the game’

16:573 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the game’

11:55 8 hours ago

What is the Santos vs Atlético-Go match and how do you follow the live broadcast?

11:50 am 8 hours ago

How and where to watch the Santos vs Atlético Go match live

In addition to real time here at VAVEL Brasil, the live match between Santos vs Atlético-GO will be broadcast by Premiere.

11:45 8 hours ago

Atletico likely lineup

Ronaldo. Heiner, Anderson, Ramon, and Jefferson; Edson, Gabriel Prallhas, and Jorginho; Arton, Diego Churin, and Shaylon.

11:40 8 hours ago

Atletico mode

11:35 9 hours ago

Probably the Santos lineup

John Powell; Madson (Oro), Maicon, Eduardo Bowerman and Felipe Jonathan; Rodrigo Fernandez, Vinicius Zanusillo and Sanchez; Baptistao, Lucas Braga and Marcos Leonardo.

11:30 9 hours ago

Santos mode

11:25 9 hours ago

No comforter!

It will be Alvenegro Praiano’s first match without coach Fabian Bustos and the former football division led by Edo Dracina. Both were sent off on Thursday (7) after being eliminated by Deportivo Tachira in the Copa Sudamericana. Who will take charge of the team today is interim coach Marcelo Fernandez.

11:20 9 hours ago

How is the dragon?

Despite the defeat, and being the first to come out of the Z-4, Atletico have a slightly better moment than Peixe, who already came from a heroic rating in midweek, for the Copa Sudamericana, taking both out of the row over Olympia, passing penalties.

11:15 9 hours ago

How is the fish?

Santos has not won six games this season. In terms of matches in Vila Belmiro, the fast is even greater: the last victory was on May 18, against Unión La Calera. This caused the fish to fall on the table and approach Z-4.

11:10 9 hours ago

Stay away from Z-4

Santos faces Atletico Go, on Sunday, in a duel valid for the Brazilian championship. The match will take place at Villa Belmiro, at 6 pm. Bixe is 10th in the table with 19 points, while Dragau is 16th with 17 points. Both teams need to win, to distance themselves from the Z-4.

11:05 9 hours ago


Hello fans! Stay tuned for the positions of each team for the confrontation soon. Catch up on details, line-ups and news as they happen live here on VAVEL Brasil’s small screen.

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