June 23, 2024

Scientists discover how the brain “processes” visceral fat

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Scientists discover how the brain "processes" visceral fat

A team of Portuguese scientists has made a discovery about how the brain controls, burns and regulates the visceral fat tissue that surrounds our organs.

Scientists believe that the nervous system and immune system cooperate to control visceral fat, based on the signals the two systems sent to control the fatty tissue around the lungs. However, there was no such communication with other bodies.

Science is discovering the areas of the brain responsible for controlling visceral fat (Photo: 2020photos/envato)

Now, in an experiment conducted on mice, scientists have identified the specific brain regions responsible for controlling visceral fat and discovered a cellular mediator that effectively translates and regulates nerve signals. This medium receives instructions that originate primarily from an area of ​​the brain called the hypothalamus.

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“It is as if neurons and immune cells do not speak the same language and this mediator acts as a translator,” the researchers noted. However, the research is still very preliminary. So the researchers hope that the study will take new steps, to be translated to humans and other mammals. It is indicated that the full scan can be have found In the scientific journal Nature.

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