June 13, 2024

Scientists have created a robotic mouse that could be a lifesaver

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Scientists have created a robotic mouse that could be a lifesaver
Android Mouse (Photo: Playback / YouTube)

A robotic mouse created by Chinese scientists could aid in post-disaster rescues (Image: Reproduction/Youtube)

Chinese scientists announce create mouse Robot It can be used as a lifeguard in disaster rescue missions. According to the researchers, because it is based on the silhouette of a mouse, the robot can penetrate into narrow spaces, climb walls, overcome obstacles and walk on uneven ground.

The team adds that the robot could be used to transport medical supplies or food to places rescuers can’t reach, like people trapped under rubble after an earthquake, for example.

Developed by a team of researchers from Beijing Institute of Technology and Tsinghua University, the project has already been published in this month’s issue of IEEE Transactions on Robotics.

The project’s lead author, Shi Qing, professor and deputy director of the Institute of Intelligent Robotics at Beijing Institute of Technology, said the prototype mouse robot has been updated since 2019.

Designed to mimic real rat movements, such as crawling or crawling in a place with a low ceiling height, the robot is powered by rechargeable solar batteries that can last for 30 minutes and can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi using a computer or smartphone.

The robot is expected to be released on the market in 2025.

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