February 29, 2024

Scientists want to build a computer made from human neurons

Science is taking another step towards creating machines that mimic the human brain. After Alexa, Siri, and the popular ChatGPT database, a group of scientists wants to develop a computer that processes information using human neurons, rather than silicon chips.

The system, known as “organic intelligence (IO)”, proposes to explore the three-dimensional culture of brain cells, made of biological material, and find ways to perform more complex operations, using less energy, in a computer made of human neurons.

In general, scientists try to create spheres made of neurons in the lab, with an artificial system to keep them active. Neurons can be produced from normal human cells taken from a person’s skin and manipulated in a laboratory.

Led by biologist and engineer Thomas Hartung, of Johns Hopkins University, the study signed 21 leading scientists in their research fields.

“We envisioned creating complex network interfaces, where brain organoids are connected to sensors for capturing the real world, to output devices, and finally connected to each other and to sensory organoids (for example, retinal organoids of eyes),” the scientists wrote in a journal article. frontiers in science.