April 13, 2024

SEDH opens vacancies for internships for Social Work, Psychology and Pedagogy – PJF Portal

On Monday the 25th of this week, the Special Secretariat for Human Rights (SEDH) at Juiz de Fora City Hall (PJF) will begin the selection process for six vacant internships in the fields of social work, psychology and pedagogy.

To progress, you must study from the fifth period of the respective courses, be familiar with policies for the promotion, protection and defense of human rights, as well as knowledge of information technology and administrative activities. For one of the vacancies, knowledge in Libras is desirable.

Half of the vacant positions will be reserved for women and blacks. A candidate who declares this while applying for the selection process will be considered black or brown. Self-declaration must follow the race and color criteria used by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

Those who are approved will receive a grant of R$500 and a transportation allowance for each day of the activity performed. The daily workload will be 4 hours (morning or afternoon), totaling 20 hours per week. It is necessary to be a student at educational institutions duly registered with the relevant authorities and in accordance with the PJF. The contract is valid for six months and can be renewed for another 12 months depending on the needs of the sector.

Resumes must be sent before this Friday 29th to the email [email protected], informing if the applicant wants to compete for the vacant job for blacks. After the CVs are selected, interviews will take place between 2 and 6 May. The result of the selection process will be announced as of May 10, on the PJF website, and will also be sent to the candidate’s email.

other information:

(32) 3690-7331 or [email protected] – The Special Secretariat for Human Rights (SEDH)