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See all the rumors about the upcoming smartphone

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See all the rumors about the upcoming smartphone

The new iPhone is expected to be unveiled in September, known as Apple’s new smartphone launch month. As has been the case for several years, rumors and leaks about the production of devices began to emerge thanks to information from market analysts – and 2021 is no exception.

Logotipo da Apple.  10/23/2020.  Photograph: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Logotipo da Apple. 10/23/2020. Photograph: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Photo: Reuters

For this year, the upcoming cell phone of the American manufacturer should be called the iPhone 13, also omitting the addition of the letter “S” to the family, something that has not happened since the iPhone XS (2018).

Despite the change in number, the cell phone shouldn’t make much difference compared to the iPhone 12, which delivered important news. Last year, the cell phone gained 5G connectivity, a design inspired by the iPhone 4 and four new sizes: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Below, find out what to expect from the iPhone 13.

improved cameras

The camera is the highlight of the iPhone, so it’s no surprise that Apple tries to improve the device’s lenses every year.

On the iPhone 13, it is rumored that the cameras of all four models (from “mini” to “Max”) should receive LiDAR space sensor (Currently only available on iPhone 12 Max), and it’s primarily used in augmented reality. It is also said that the new ultra-wide-angle lens will have higher image quality in low-light environments, which is always welcome for night shots.

By the way, the rear lenses of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini should be placed diagonally, according to leaks from manufacturers’ test models, which allows all smartphones to receive the new LiDAR sensor.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max camera assembly should take up more space on the back of the device, too, according to the leaks. In the “Pro” device, there will be resources for videos in portrait mode (now only available for photos) and a new file format aimed at photo editors, internally called ProRes.


iPhone’s Achilles heel, Apple intends Battery size expansion From the company’s next smartphone, to ensure greater independence from the mains outside the socket.

This achievement will be attributed to some internal space savings for the device, such as incorporating the chip input into the motherboard and reducing the notch of the screen. This will allow larger batteries to be inserted.

Moreover, if Apple adopts the new A15 chip, as it has done every year with new processors, the improvement in semiconductor efficiency could lead to higher performance, and thus lower battery consumption.

the site DigiTimes It states that with this news, the Energy consumption should be reduced by 15% to 20%Thanks to the new processor and larger batteries.

Apple may also release an additional 25W charger, which will allow you to charge the device faster when plugged into the wall. Currently, chargers sold (separately) are 20W.

player screen

iPhone 13 screen refresh rate should be 120 HzSuitable for gaming to make navigation more fluid and comfortable for the eyes – Currently, only the iPad Pro has this technology, called “ProMotion Display”. Other mobile phones on the market, such as Samsung and Motorola, have been offering this kind of solution for several years.

It is not known if all four models this year will receive a refresh rate of 120Hz.

always on screen

Similar to the Apple Watch Series 6 (introduced in 2020), the iPhone 13 can get Always On Screen, according to the news agency. Bloomberg. The feature will allow the smartphone to remain at rest, but with hours and some notifications lit all the time, like a clock.

slight degree

Even with the same size as previous models, the iPhone 13 should have a smaller “notch” on the screen — the space that houses the selfie camera and the Face ID reader. According to analysts, this feat will be accomplished thanks to the standardization of the sensors, which will take up less space.

Indentation, which was introduced on the iPhone X in 2017, has annoyed many users by being “intrusive” on the smartphone’s infinity display, while other manufacturers have adopted more discreet solutions, such as a single circle or even sensors under the screen.

Maybe not this year…

Apple is considering releasing some new features in future models that may come in 2022 onwards. Among them Reinsert the biometric reader (Touch ID, featured on the iPhone 5S in 2013, was dropped in 2017 by Face ID) — but this time under the screen, as some Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi and Realme have embraced.

Another rumor is that Apple may place the front cameras under the screen, as Samsung already does with Galaxy Z Fold 3Presented by South Korea yesterday. By the way, the American competitor is also considering the launch of a foldable smartphone, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the device should come only in 2023 at the earliest.

In the future, the iPhone may not have an input. In other words, after losing the headphone jack in 2017, it is possible that Apple cut off the Lightning jack, which is used today to charge the jack. The result will be a cell phone without cable ports, only connecting to Bluetooth headphones and wireless charging.

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