July 22, 2024

See credit margin changes in 2022

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empréstimo consignado
empréstimo consignado

As of January 2022, INSS has announced some changes to the payroll loan application. Thus, the margin has been edited for loans It is deducted directly from the INSS payment, and will return up to 35% of the benefit. Of these, 30% to pay loans and 5% for debts related to expenses or credit card withdrawals. credit. Learn more below.

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Is it possible to reduce the interest on the loan?

See changes to apply for payroll loan

Thus, according to INSS, there are no expectations for an extension of the MP who raised the margin to 40% in March of this year. So, retirees, retirees and civil servants who need to take out loans to pay bills have until December 31 of this year to use the larger margin.

It is worth noting that the suspension of the payment of installments for the new contracts presented by the representative will not be mandatory either. Therefore, before signing the contract, check with the bank or finance company if there is a possibility; Also whether the deferral should increase interest and fee spending.

Finally, while payroll loans are easy, keep in mind that the cost of living will reduce up to 40% of your monthly earnings (in the case of the old margin). That’s because offering this reduces your monthly earnings directly into your retirement benefits. Therefore, to check the amount of interest that can be committed to the loans, the interested party can reach out to My INSS. Simply go to the ‘Premium Services’ option and click on ‘Loan Statement’.

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