February 26, 2024

See how this mod works

a pix It is an instant payment method established by the Central Bank (BC). Being fast, practical, and secure to transact, the product quickly became popular among Brazilians. It can be executed by checking or savings account at any time of the day in up to 10 seconds.

to perform a transfer across pix A key chosen by the recipient is required, which may be a cell phone number, CPF, email, or a random key generated by the bank.

The system came with the proposal to increase the speed of transactions, increase the competitiveness of the financial market, and generate greater user inclusion. That’s because Pix is ​​a payment method that can be made in simple ways, just with a cell phone.

Recently, some banks and financial institutions have offered a business possibility Pix by credit card. But after all, how does this method work?

How does Pix work with a credit card?

In recent months, many institutions have made it available pix post by credit card For customers who do not have a debit balance in their bank accounts. In fact, this type of transfer works as a loan.

The transaction works in a similar way to Pix, and can be made at any time and for any amount as long as it does not exceed credit card limitThe amount is deducted from the bill at the end of the month. Some institutions also provide the option to pay in up to 12 installments on the card.

Since it is a new feature, not all banks make it available to their customers. Some of the digital banks that currently have this utility are Nubank, PicPay, Digio, and BV.

to carry out transactions Pix by credit card A flat fee or a percentage of the amount to be transferred is charged. This cost varies according to each financial entity. Check out the fees charged by each of these institutions below:

Haddad has already confirmed that PIX will become a fiduciary instrument in 2023. Photo: Arquivo – Reuters

  • Digio: up to 9.9% per month.
  • BV: collection of IOF (financial transaction tax)
  • Nobank: up to 4.99% per month.
  • PicPay: 4.99% per transaction. If you choose to pay in installments, the additional fee is 4.49% per installment.

To access the new functionality, just open a file pixel area From one of the banks of your choice that offers this method and enter the amount you want to transfer, and choose the method Credit card paymentSelect the number of installments you want and finish the process.

craft Pix on a credit card It is an attempt to help customers who are unable to make remittances via discount in a period. Despite this, users of the service should be aware of the fees and choose to use the functionality when they really need it so they don’t end up paying unnecessary fees.

Differences between Pix, TED and DOC

One important thing Differences between Pix, TED and DOC It is the speed at which the transfer takes place. In addition, the Pay As You Go method does not charge any fees for its use by individuals and can be implemented at any time and any day of the week.

a ted (Available Wire Transfer) must be completed before 5:00 PM on a given business day in order for it to reach the recipient’s account on the same day. Otherwise, the operation will be scheduled by the bank and will only be available to the recipient on the next business day.

actually doc (Credit Application Document) It can be made up to 10 pm on a working day. The amount is immediately deducted from the account, but the amount will only be free for the beneficiary to use on the next business day.

Thus, to the detriment of other forms of bank transfer that have been in common use for some time now pix It brought more innovation and inclusion in digital payments.