June 18, 2024

Senate approves comprehensive cancer care at SUS

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The project establishes the National Cancer Policy and establishes psychological assistance, specialist and home counseling, if necessary, for people undergoing treatment.

Clea Fianna / House of RepresentativesSenator Carlos Viana said the project ensures that the state’s constitutional duty to provide comprehensive and integrated health is fulfilled

NS Federal Senate On Thursday, the 19th, approved the project that creates National Cancer Control Policy. This ensures complete patient care through the unified health system (they) and clarifies the basic rights of those, the project says, that comprehensive care includes different levels of complexity as well as medical specialties, as well as psychological assistance and specialized care at home, if needed. Topic Rapporteur Senator Carlos Viana (Public Security Directorate), that the project ensures that the state fulfills its constitutional duty to provide comprehensive and integrated health. “The importance of the matter becomes even more unquestionable if we consider the severity of the disease and the high mortality rates, which are exacerbated by late diagnosis and the difficulty of accessing the most effective treatments available.”

Senator Eduardo Braga (MDB) also noted the disease’s fatal severity. Tumors [tumores] They are currently the second leading cause of death in Brazil, second only to cardiovascular disease. The trend is to become the leading cause of mortality in the future. In 2019, more than 235,000 Brazilians lost the battle against cancer. He said that it is known that the treatment of this disease depends largely on two factors: the accuracy of the diagnosis and the start of treatment. According to the text, patients should also have access to early diagnosis, comprehensive treatment, transparent information, and social and legal assistance. The bill also stipulates that children and adolescents with cancer must receive special treatment. Since there is a change in the subject matter, the text returns for approval by the House of Representatives.

* With information from reporter Fernando Martins

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