June 18, 2024

Sergio Reyes announces a rally with truck drivers in favor of Bolsonaro

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Sergio Reyes announces a rally with truck drivers in favor of Bolsonaro

sergio ris I reported on social networks on Saturday (14) that he is organizing a demonstration on September 7 in favor of President Jair Bolsonaro with truck drivers and farmers in Brasilia. “You who want to save Brazil, let’s go with us to Brasilia,” the singer called.

According to Sergio, the object of this act is “to do something serious, for the government to take a stand, for the army to take a stand, but if the people do not take that stand, they will do nothing.”

The singer also said that the movement will be attended by a number of artists and businessmen. โ€œWe are making a classic movement, without aggression, without anything. The movement will frighten you, but we are with peace. I no longer accept the situation in our country,โ€ he said. Many netizens criticized and ridiculed Sergio Reyes’ call.

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