June 18, 2024

Sesab issues warning about resistant germs at three hospitals in Salvador

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Idoso é preso suspeito de estuprar neta no sul do estado

The Bahia State Department of Health (CISAPE) has issued an alert to identify bacteria resistant to antibiotic use in three hospitals in El Salvador. The bacteria were identified between January and March of this year, in health units.

He did not reveal the names of the health units, and it is not known whether the hospitals are part of the public or private network of the Bahia capital. The risk of infection is only for inpatients or staff working in health facilities. In general, the population is not affected.

The biggest concern, according to experts, is hospitalized patients with immune problems. In addition to the alert, the State Infection Control Center of the Secretariat sent a technical note detailing a series of measures to prevent contamination.

Among the control measures are hand hygiene, cleaning and sterilization of the environment with products based on hypochlorite and 70% alcohol, as well as keeping infected patients in separate rooms and an exclusive team to care for these patients.

Also, according to the memo, all suspected or confirmed cases must be reported to the state’s Center for Infection Control. The document also says that the Covid-19 pandemic may have created an environment for the indiscriminate use of antibiotics that favors the emergence of highly resistant organisms.

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