May 28, 2023

She lied about who Jennifer’s father is,’ TV News

Sol (Sheron Menezes) will hypothesize that Theo (Emilio Dantas) may be the father of Jennifer (Bela Campos) in Phi Na Fe. She will reveal that she only had sex once with the scoundrel and will blame herself for becoming a liar on the 7 o’clock soap opera Globo. “I lied about knowing who Jenny’s father is, I’m lying about my relationship with Louie [José Loreto]He will say in conversation with Bruna (Carla Cristina Cardoso).

The scenes are expected to be broadcast in a season Wed (19). Will is heartbroken as she is seen kissing the singer by her mother, Marilyn (Elisa Lucinda). Evangelists say, “I’m playing myself more and more. I feel bad about all this.”

Bruna will support her friend, claim that there is a way to everything, and that she will find a way to solve her problems. “Or a dead end. I don’t want to see everything crumble around me again. Like I was Jenny’s age. At some point, everything we hide comes out,” the dancer completes.

In this Monday (17), she will already admit that there is little chance that her eldest daughter’s father could be the manager, since she had just had a “night” with him. Installed in a hotel, Ben (Samuel de Assis) will start looking for a property to rent in Piedade (northern region of Rio de Janeiro). Will wants to live near his daughter.

In a conversation with his ex-girlfriend, the criminal will say that Theo sued to question Jennifer’s paternity and that at some point they would have to take a DNA test, there would be no way. Sol will exchange a look with Bruna and then talk about her concerns with a friend on Roseanne Svartman’s soap opera.

Chapters summary

Monday 4/17 (Chapter 79)
Lumiere remembers Ben and turns away from Theo. Jennifer says she will not take the DNA test, and Sol is relieved. Rafa is disturbed by Theo’s obsession with wanting to be Jennifer’s father. Ben considers the idea of ​​living in Bidadi. Students organize Icaes for legal games.

Noticing the rift between Lumiar and Bem, Ricardo tries to get close to his ex-girlfriend. Ben remembers when he experienced racism. Kate is touched by the photo Rafa takes of her. Jennifer’s team beats Ricardo’s team. Fred is encouraged by Rafa’s progress and celebrates with Kate. Ikais is bombarded with racial slurs, and Ben and the students revolt.

Tuesday, 4/18 (Chapter 80)
Ben goes with two other teachers to talk to Dean Ikais. Theo Lumiar helps organize Ben’s beings. Students unite and paint the college wall. Lumiar gives in to Theo’s advances. Clara hints at Helena. Ben goes to the police station. The students decided to organize a demonstration in Icas against the crime of racism.

Sol and Louie try to get to know each other better. Giga is upset to see Fred talking to Bella. Vinnie tries to kiss Yuri. Marilyn sees Sol and Lui together and leaves with Duda and Neide. Fred and Bella kiss. Guiga tries to vent about Yuri. Marilyn demands explanations from Sol about Louie.

Wed, 4/19 (Chapter 81)
Sol can’t explain herself to Marilyn. Jennifer and Tata spend the night together. Ben tells the students that the video from Icaes’ surveillance camera is actually with the police and everyone celebrates. Kate finds Jennifer’s behavior strange. Ben and Lumiere argue with Ricardo when they find out he is going to defend the student who sprayed Iquis.

Jennifer tells Kate that she regrets spending the night with Tata. Clara hears Rafa talking to Kate and gets excited. Ben decides to rent the room at Bruna’s house. Tata’s parents, Isabel and Leonardo, go to lunch with Jennifer’s family. Hugo watches Rafa arrive at Kate’s house. Jennifer Tata asks about her scholarship.

Thursday, 4/20 (Chapter 82)
Tata tries to get close to Jennifer, who fends him off. Leonardo and Isabelle ask their son about his girlfriend’s behaviour. Kate scolds Jennifer for looking for a reason to fight with Tata. Rafa prepares Clara to shoot her, but Theo stands in their way. Lumiere is heartbroken when he learns that Ben will be living in Piedadi. Jennifer argues with Tata. Lumiere tells Theo that he needs to prepare witnesses for the paternity hearing.

Bella helps Fred record his apology to Guiga. Lumiar tells Ben that he plans to sell their apartment. Sol warns Ben can contact Vitino to testify at the paternity hearing. Louie feels insecure when he sees Sol arriving with Ben at the mansion. Lui and Sol are secretly dating. Vitinho points out that Ben and Sol are together, and Lui is devastated.

Friday, 4/21 (Chapter 83)
Vitinho tries to explain Louie’s desperation to Wilma. Sol arranges to meet with Ben to talk about the hearing. Jennifer decides to go to the school where Tata studied. Ben simulates the questioning with Sol and is affected by his report. Wilma decides to sue Erica. Sol despairs when Ben asks her about Theo. Louie is hostile towards Saul when she arrives for training.

Lumiere interviewed Simas and she was shaken by his remarks about Penn and Sol. Jennifer can’t get along with Tata. Yuri finds out that Guiga made a post without his consent. Sol argues with Louie. Ben talks to Wilma about the lawsuit against Erica. Ben gets surprised with Sol and Louie together.

Saturday, 2/4 (Chapter 84)
Sol and Louie ask Ben not to tell him he saw them together. Yuri feels good about Guiga. The principal of Tata’s school did not pass the boy’s information on to Jennifer. Guiga apologizes to Yuri. Bruna helps Marilyn. Dudley invited Ben to his presentation. Sol smiles when she sees Ben talking to Jennifer. Theo offers to buy Lumiere’s apartment.

Wilma posts her response video on Erica’s page and everyone is touched. Yuri decides to denounce it when she finds out that he cheated on the scholarship at Ikais and Jennifer asks to talk to her boyfriend. Louie offers to go to Duda’s show with Sol. Wilma is upset when she learns that she and the band will have to spend the night at Fabio’s asylum. Jennifer Tata faces.

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