September 25, 2023

Shiv Telegram Media – Lucas Giolito and Other Angels Players Placed on Waivers

The Los Angeles Angels made headlines today as they shockingly placed several key players, including Lucas Giolito, on waivers. This move has stunned the baseball industry and has left fans questioning the team’s strategy for the remainder of the season.

Waivers allow teams to claim players for a $50,000 fee and also provide salary relief. If all six players placed on waivers by the Angels are claimed, the team could potentially save around $7 million in salary. This financial relief could potentially be a major factor in the team’s decision to go down this path.

The Angels’ decision to place these players on waivers may have been influenced by their recent poor performance and injuries to key players. With their hopes of contending for a playoff spot significantly diminishing, the team may be looking to rebuild and make changes for the future.

In addition to Lucas Giolito, other notable players on waivers include Harrison Bader, Carlos Carrasco, Mike Clevinger, and Jose Cisnero. It is speculated that teams towards the bottom of the playoff table could benefit the most from the Angels’ move. Potential landing spots for these players include the Miami Marlins and Cincinnati Reds.

The final outcomes of the waiver claims will be determined on Thursday morning, leaving fans and analysts anxiously awaiting the results. Lucas Giolito, who has struggled since joining the Angels, could potentially find himself with a new team if claimed. On the other hand, some players on waivers have performed well, making them an attractive option for teams looking to strengthen their roster.

This significant shift in strategy for the Angels has left many wondering if the lack of playoff appearances during Shohei Ohtani’s tenure may have influenced the team’s decision to make such a drastic move. It is seen as a culmination of a disappointing season for the Angels and a realization that changes are needed.

Fans of the Los Angeles Angels, as well as the baseball industry as a whole, will be closely watching the outcome of the waiver claims. The fate of these players and the future direction of the team hang in the balance, making this a pivotal moment for the organization.