June 13, 2024

Shiv Telegram Media: Teenage Hacker Accused of Blackmailing Rockstar with Release of GTA 6 Sequels Source Code

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Title: Teenage Hacker Threatens to Leak Grand Theft Auto VI Source Code, Facing Charges

In a major development that has sent shockwaves through the gaming industry, the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI) has become the latest target for hackers. The accused hacker, a teenager named Arion Kurtaj and a member of the notorious Lapsus$ hacking group, has threatened to release the source code of the game.

The threat was made in a message sent to Rockstar Games staff on the messaging platform, Slack. In the message, Kurtaj demanded the release of a $4 million ransom. Along with the GTA VI leak, Kurtaj stands accused of targeting other companies such as Revolut, Uber, and Nvidia.

As a result of his actions, Kurtaj is facing a total of 12 charges, including blackmail, fraud, and charges under the U.K.’s Computer Misuse Act. However, a twist in the case has emerged after Kurtaj was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial. This development raises questions about the hacker’s motivations and potential implications for the legal proceedings.

This incident is not the first time Rockstar Games has faced cybersecurity issues. Earlier this year, the company fell victim to a “network intrusion,” resulting in leaks of unfinished gameplay footage and assets from GTA VI. Some of the leaked material even found its way into the popular game, Goat Simulator 3, before being promptly taken down.

The leaks caused frustration and disappointment for Take-Two CEO, who expressed concern over the unauthorized dissemination of the game’s content. The incident prompted the involvement of law enforcement agencies, with Uber revealing that it was working closely with the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate data breaches, suspecting the same hacker behind the Rockstar breaches.

While the release date for GTA VI remains unknown, industry insiders speculate that it could be launched as soon as next year. However, the ongoing legal proceedings against Kurtaj add another layer of uncertainty to the highly anticipated game’s future development.

In an unprecedented move, the jury for Kurtaj’s case will determine his involvement in the alleged hacking activities but will not issue a verdict of guilty or not guilty. The unique nature of this decision aims to acknowledge his mental health concerns while ensuring potential accountability for his actions.

As the gaming world waits anxiously for further updates, the fallout from these hacking incidents raises questions about the vulnerability of the industry to cybercriminals and the need for enhanced security measures to protect highly anticipated releases like GTA VI.

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