June 18, 2024

Shiv Telegram Media: Windows 11 to Finally Honor Default Browser Preferences, But with Limitations

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Shiv Telegram Media: Windows 11 to Finally Honor Default Browser Preferences, But with Limitations

Title: Microsoft Releases Windows 11 Build 23531 with Exciting Updates and Fixes

In an exciting development for Windows enthusiasts, Microsoft has recently rolled out Windows 11 Build 23531 to the Dev Channel. This highly anticipated update brings a host of new features and fixes to enhance user experience.

One of the notable additions in this build is the reintroduction of a sought-after feature that displays a search flyout when hovering over the search box gleam. This handy tool allows for quick access to search results without opening a separate window, saving users valuable time and effort.

Furthermore, the update addresses several issues that were present in the previous Windows 11 versions. Users can now expect a more stable and reliable operating system with fixes for problems such as explorer.exe not functioning properly in safe mode, File Explorer crashing when closing or navigating to a Gallery with a large number of images, and the seamless copying and pasting of files from a compressed folder into a OneDrive folder.

In response to feedback from users, Microsoft has also made significant changes related to browser settings. Windows 11 will now respect default browser settings when opening links through a system component. However, it is important to note that this particular change is currently limited to the European Economic Area.

Another noteworthy update in the latest Windows 11 Beta Channel Insider build is an improved Settings homepage. This redesign aims to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly interface for easier navigation and accessibility to various system settings.

Moreover, Microsoft has addressed an issue with HDR wallpapers appearing washed out when HDR is enabled. This fix ensures that users can fully enjoy the vibrant colors and enhanced visual experience that HDR technology offers without any compromise.

While the aforementioned updates have been highlighted, it is worth mentioning that specific details regarding improvements to Task Manager have not been disclosed in the provided information. Nevertheless, users can anticipate further enhancements and optimizations to this crucial system utility.

As Microsoft continues to fine-tune Windows 11 with each new build, users eagerly anticipate more innovative features and important fixes to make their computing experience even better. With its commitment to the continuous improvement of its operating system, Microsoft remains at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology to its users worldwide.

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