June 13, 2024

Shooting in central Philadelphia, US kills, police say: ‘Several people shoot into crowd’ | Globalism

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Shooting in central Philadelphia, US kills, police say: 'Several people shoot into crowd' |  Globalism

Three people were killed and 11 wounded. During a shootout on a busy street in Philadelphia, Northeast United Statebefore midnight (local time) this Saturday (4).

The venue, called South Street, is a popular entertainment spot in the city, with bars, restaurants, and a lively nightlife.

Police Inspector DF Pace told the American press, “We know that fourteen victims were shot and taken to hospitals. Three of them (two men and a woman) were declared dead after arriving at hospitals with multiple gunshot wounds.”

Police surround the area where the shooting took place in Philadelphia – Photo: Reproduction/Associated Press

The agents responded to the incident, “noting several people shooting in the middle of the crowd.”

“There were hundreds celebrating in South Street, as they do every weekend, when the shooting started,” Pace explained.

According to local media, there were no arrests. Police said they shot a suspect, 30 meters away, but did not know if they managed to hit him.

Glass shattered during a shooting in downtown Philadelphia, US – Photo: Reproduction / AP

To investigate those involved in the shooting, authorities requested footage from security cameras installed at establishments in the area.

As of the latest update of this report, the police had not released the names of the victims or suspects.

Shooting in downtown Philadelphia, USA, leaves dead and injured – Photo: Reproduction / Associated Press

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