June 18, 2024

Silvio Santos’ nephew says he paid R$500,000 for Patricia’s ransom

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Silvio Santos' nephew says he paid R$500,000 for Patricia's ransom
Credit: Reproduction / Instagram

Silvio Santos with his daughter Patricia Abravanel (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

abduction Patricia Abravanel I turned twenty this week. The daughter of SBT owner Silvio Santos spent a week in captivity and was only released after a ransom was paid. According to Guilherme Stoliar, Silvio Santos’ nephew, the family would have paid about R$500,000 until Patricia, who was 23 years old, was released.

In an interview with Yul, Stolyar said that he mediated the negotiations and that he even met with the kidnappers. “I went with the driver to a location that had been determined by them. I handed over the money,” he said.

In August 2001, Patricia Abravanel was kidnapped by Fernando Dutra Pinto. At that time, she was 23 years old and studying business administration. Silvio Santos’ daughter spent a week in captivity and was only released after a ransom was paid.

The crime was widely publicized by all TV channels of that time. TV Globo even cut short its regular programming to broadcast live information on the issue.

Despite severe police persecution, Fernando Dutra Pinto managed to escape. The next day, at about 7:00 in the morning, the kidnapper jumped on the wall of the Silvio Santos Palace, in the Morumbi neighborhood, on the western side of São Paulo, and held the lieutenant colonel hostage for the whole day.

He only turned himself in after speaking to the governor of São Paulo at the time, Geraldo Alcumen, who boarded a helicopter and negotiated directly on the spot. Five months after his arrest, Fernando Dutra Pinto died. In March 2002, the court convicted the other two responsible for the kidnapping.

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