June 24, 2024

SINE collects more than 800 vacancies in the region; Check open jobs and how to submit your resume

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The National Employment System (SINE), an agency set up by the federal government, offers more than 800 jobs in the Tocantins region. The initiative begins on Thursday (28/07), with most vacancies for Palmas. In all, there will be about 268 vacancies in the capital, including 12 positions for people with disabilities (PCD).

In addition to Palmas, the cities that will also receive employment opportunities are Puerto Nacional (38 vacancies), Araguena (252), Tacuaralto (70), Dianopolis (111), Araguatins (4), ParaĆ­so de Tocantins (20), Gurube ( 42) and Guarai (37). Check out the vacancies for each city below!

800 vacancies
800 job opportunities | Photo: Disclosure

Check out more than 800 jobs in Tocantins

In principle, each city has different positions, as well as a different number of vacancies. Check out some of them below:

  • clap: First, in the capital, there are vacancies for cleaning and kitchen assistants, merchandise replenishment, loss prevention inspector, cafeteria administrator, construction and maintenance services employee. 5 PCD Vacancies;
  • Aragon: Then the city offers jobs for butcher, sales consultant, waiter, general practitioner, sales consultant, construction assistant, industrial machine sewing, production line assistant, general services and administrative assistant. 5 PCD Vacancies;
  • Araguatins: Here there are job postings for housekeeper, digital content creator, day laborer and outdoor collector;
  • National port: In addition, there are vacancies for general services, cooking, machine maintenance, building maintenance and mechanics;
  • Tacuaralto: In this city, vacancies are for Administrative Assistant, Production Line Assistant, Warehouse Assistant, Construction Finisher and Cleaning Assistant;
  • Dianopolis: Opportunities for carpenters, truck drivers, occupational safety technician, car and truck mechanics, truck drivers and excavator operators. 1 PCD vacancy;
  • Tocantins Paradise: Building maintenance, web designer, hairdresser, delivery driver, pizza chef;
  • Gurube: Opportunities for construction assistant, construction supervisor and delivery person. 1 PCD vacancy;
  • Guarai: Finally, there are vacancies for Cleaning Assistant, Truck Driver, Administrative Assistant and Bakery Manager.

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How to participate in the selection

Professionals interested in participating in the selection must attend the SINE headquarters in their cities in person. In GuaraĆ­ and Araguatins, the selection will be from 8 am to 2 pm, and in other cities it will be from 8 am to 6 pm. The orientation of the institution is for the candidates to arrive with the documents on hand so that the process can proceed faster.

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