June 18, 2024

Sixth round creator confirms series second season on Netflix

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In a short time South Korean series “Round 6”, which debuted on September 17, captured a subscribed audience on Netflix and became the most-watched series in history on the platform. The plot created by Hwang Dong-hyuk is set in South Korea and tells of a strange and frightening game that promises a billionaire prize winner and the tragic fate of the loser.

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In the series, one of the six and most famous games, it consists of running while the doll sings “French Fries, 1, 2, 3”. If she turns her head and notices, through her sensors, any movement outside the music, she shoots through her eyes and the game player is instantly eliminated — and killed, obviously.

Now the question remains: Where is the director’s second season?

The good news is that fans of the series can already celebrate, as the second season has been confirmed by the director, who said that a sequel to the story is already in development.

And when will the grand opening be?

Although the news sparked a lot of excitement in the public, Dong Hyuk He said he doesn’t yet know when the new scenes will air, given that the show’s sequel is in early development.

What do you expect next season?

You might be wondering what the plot will be for Season 2 of Round 6About this, the author of the story has already said that Gi-hun will return, to do something for the world. According to him, one of the ideas is for Gi-hun to pursue all those responsible for the inhumane games he and the others were subjected to.

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The Korean drama “Round 6”, which has become known in the rest of the world as “Squid Game” or “Squid’s Game”, exceeded all expectations when it became the most watched series in Netflix history, with viewers exceeding 111 million. View subscribers to the platform.

Previously, the most watched series on the same platform was the American “Bridgerton”, written by Shonda Rhimes, inspired by the books of author Julia Quinn, and watched by more than 82 million accounts.

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