June 13, 2024

Sony announces dates for 7 PS4 and PS5 games in January 2023

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Sony announces dates for 7 PS4 and PS5 games in January 2023

Many indie games are on their way Playstation 4 he is from ps5 This January. the Sony Make a point to highlight each of them in an exclusive post on PlayStation Blogwith dates and trailers for players to get ready for what’s next.

launch the.. launch the.. take off the PowerWash emulator January 30th was one of the novelties that the company revealed on the website. As I promised By FuturLab, more news is to come that earlier this year the relaxing cleaning simulator has finally gotten its premiere date to hit PS4 and PS5.

Sony 7 indie games 2023 january

Sony’s January list of indie games has been released

Children of Silentown (PS4) – January 11th

Developed by Elf Games and Luna2 Studio, the game is a rural horror flick. Expect enchanting and frightening visuals when you enter this game, where you will control Lucy, a resident who will investigate the disappearance of several residents of the place.

A Space for the Unbound (PS4 | PS5) – January 19th

The game takes place in the 90s of the last century, and it will introduce us to the story of Atma and Raya, a married couple who gain natural powers and will have to confront dangerous villagers with their psychic powers.

Never Awake (PS4 | PS5) – January 26th

In this title, players will control Rem, a girl who suffers from unconventional nightmares. To escape these dreams, she must face her fears and insecurities with real weapons. Says the studio: “Neotro Inc’s NeverAwake is the arcade shooter of your dreams…or is it your nightmares?”

The Back Wall (PS4 | PS5) – January 30th

Naraven takes place on smartphones and features first-person gameplay. Your job as an update assistant is to reprogram phones while hacking and programming everything into the operating system.

PowerWash Simulator (PS4 | PS5) – January 30th

List of indie games released by Sony PowerWash emulator as one of the highlights. Your goal here is to work as a manager of a cleaning company. Is it the most relaxing service in the world? Draw your conclusions in the video below:

Season: A Letter to the Future (PS4 | PS5) – January 31st

Sony has released a demo for this exploration-focused adventure. Developed by Scavenger Studios, this indie game tells the story of Estelle, a heroine who will try to “keep the memory alive” for future generations while exploring the world on her bike.

We’ve Been Here Forever (PS4 | PS5) – January 31st

Anyone who likes to have fun with friends may be interested in this. The collaboration proposal by TMG Studios places a pair of players outside a castle, whose main tools are communication and a pair of walkie-talkies. “Can you escape or will the Forgotten Corpses freeze?”

What are the most interesting games listed by Sony? Tell us in the comments!

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