April 13, 2024
Sony's purchase of Square Enix was the big rumor circulating

Sony’s purchase of Square Enix was the big rumor circulating

A few weeks ago, a rumor spread that Sony Interactive Entertainment was in the final stages of negotiations to acquire a major Japanese company, but the name of that company has not been revealed and we still don’t know if the deal has been completed. The rumors were wrong.

Jeff Grubb, a well-known and reliable unofficial source of information, confirmed that the name of this Japanese company is Square Enix. According to him, Sony’s purchase of Square Enix was the big rumor circulating.

However, since the information was scarce, it did not commit to publicly sharing Square Enix’s name and linking it to Sony. Grubb waited for more information that did not arrive, but has now revealed it in response to the Embracer Group deal.

According to him, this in no way confirms that Sony has bought Square Enix, but it is in line with what he says is a simplification by the Final Fantasy owner to facilitate a future acquisition and start a new phase.

“I’ve said this hundreds of times, but there’s always someone who hears it. For the first time, we haven’t heard enough to report acquisitions for sure. The big rumors were about a Sony acquisition of Square. But I can’t confirm it. I still said Grob.

“The way this stuff works, nobody wants to talk to us about the takeovers because it’s going to jail. Once they tell me about Bethesda if I guess first, but I tell every other publisher out there and I never tell Bethesda.”

“Anyway, I know as much as you do. I think Square Enix is ​​trying to position itself better for acquisition. But that doesn’t mean anything. These deals can go down or change completely. It happens all the time.”

Grubb also cautions that indicating that he believes in moves in the management of Square Enix that are preparing the company for a future acquisition doesn’t mean he’s actually confirming a sale.