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Speak, Maurao: Why didn’t Felipe Melo want to talk about Bolsonaro? a stranger! – 11/27/2021

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Speak, Maurao: Why didn't Felipe Melo want to talk about Bolsonaro?  a stranger!  - 11/27/2021

The situation regarding Felipe Melo and the President Jair Bolsonaro (No Party) is one of the themes of the painting “Vala Mourao”. The Palmeiras player, a well-known fan of the politician, was asked during a press conference on Friday (26th) whether he would dedicate the title of the biggest tournament in South America to the country’s biggest representative. But to everyone’s surprise, the steering wheel refused to respond.

During the day, Bolsonaro, who has always said he is a Palmeiras fan, was amazed when he announced that his Flamengo fans had decided against his hearty club in the Champions League final. Editors, this Saturday, at 5 pm (GMT) in Uruguay. Felipe Melo’s response was that he was there to talk about him footballBut is he convinced?

“It’s strange because he was the one who put Bolsonaro on the agenda on other occasions. He’s already gone to Brasilia to monitor the presentation, the nomination, and the minister’s inauguration. In other words, he’s publicly positioned himself as a pocket deputy since then,” said Mauro Cesar Pereira, who has been following the match. Final in the Uruguayan capital, before the election campaign that elected the President of the Republic.

According to the columnist UOL Sports, Felipe Melo could have taken another stand at last Friday’s press conference in Montevideo. For Mauro, the situation was strange because the Palmeiras midfielder has always been very helpful to the president, but not hours after he announced his support for Flamengo in the big decision.

“It is strange that an important figure, a famous and controversial player who plays for such an important club, once again, one of the finalists of the Copa Libertadores, Palmeiras, wants to determine the moment when he will talk about this topic. At one point, he praises for Bolsonaro, in another he prefers Not talking about him.Why?I found it strange and I really doubted what would have motivated Felipe Melo again a great opportunity to pay tribute to his political idol, so his political reference spoke in Brazil and he is the current President of the Republic, he has shown himself many times as a most sympathetic to Jair Bolsonaro and this time he did not want to talk about the topic, why?”, added the columnist.

The Copa Libertadores final will be decided in a single match in Montevideo, Uruguay. In the event of a tie, the cup is decided in a penalty shootout. Whoever wins will be the champion of the continental competition three times.

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