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SPFC and Daniel Alves advance termination, new meeting may strike agreement – 09/16/2021

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SPFC and Daniel Alves advance termination, new meeting may strike agreement - 09/16/2021

Sao Paulo and the staff of right-back Daniel Alves met last night (15) and went so far as to terminate the player’s contract. NS UOL Sports I find that a new meeting should take place today (16) and there is an expectation that the contract between the two parties will be formally terminated.

The report heard that an agreement had been drawn up in advance, but many bureaucratic details still had to be worked out. The two parties continue to talk to finalize the agreement and exchange the necessary documents to formally terminate the contract.

If you want to continue acting in Brazil, then Daniel Alves must be registered in Brasileirao until the 24th of this month. The side team played only six matches for Sao Paulo in the tournament, a set number that still allows an athlete to play for another club in the same competition edition.

Sao Paulo Tricolor and Daniel Alves finally separated last week, when the player did not appear again after a period with the Brazilian national team and informed through the technical staff that he would not play with Sao Paulo again until the club owed him. Did not pay.

Through an official statement from its board of directors, Morumbi Club afterwards, He decided that the full-back would no longer play in the tricolor shirt He removed it from the cast led by Hernan Crespo. Since then, the two parties have been trying to reach an agreement to end the relationship.

Sao Paulo recognizes a debt of about 18 million Brazilian reais, of which 3 million Brazilian reais is owed to businessmen who mediated the negotiations, but were unable to reach an agreement with the athlete on the method of repaying the overdue amounts. The club tried to split the amount but the side did not accept.

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