February 28, 2024

Starfield: High pre-orders are irritating PC gamers who don’t trust Bethesda

A well-fed group of pc gamers are grouchy With those who participate in the pre-sale of starfield. the reason? They don’t trust Bethesda, and given the problems with many PC releases of recent games (like The Callisto Protocol, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, or The Last of Us Part 1, to name a few), they believe that no one does. Anything else to send a message to the editors must be prepaid.

custom post on reddit Comments are literally flooded, which currently Add up to over 2000. The title is emphatic and immediately makes the point: “Why do people preorder? Haven’t we learned our lesson?”

In the comments it is indicated that Starfield is among the best selling games On Steam since the pre-orders opened, which is indicative of the fact that players did not understand how to make their voice heard due to the problems that many games had in recent months.

However, several participants in the discussion highlighted what we are talking about One of the most anticipated games in recent years She also highlighted that discussions on the web are often not representative of the entire video game world. For example, in a comment we might read: “I’d just like to mention that most people are simply unaware of and/or don’t care about most controversies in the gaming world.” Another comment goes along the same lines: “Not everyone is on Reddit, a lot of people don’t care and some of us are hypocrites.”

In short, the matter turned into a big flame, with both sides discussing the situation. And you, what do you think of that?