June 13, 2024

Stephen Hawking’s cultural heritage transcends barriers

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Stephen Hawking’s cultural heritage transcends barriers
Stephen Hawking.
Image: Encyclopedia Britannica / Reproduction

Stephen Hawking is a great authority when it comes to overcoming challenges. Even with restricted movement caused by a degenerative disease, he applied all of his ingenuity and intelligence to produce innovations in science, as well as to collaborate with Culture Pop Art.

Hawking made great achievements in science and culture

Born in Oxford, England, in 1942, Stephen has a life full of great achievements not only in science, but in culture. Discover some of his most notable contributions to the cultural field:

  • He inspired the documentary A Brief History of Time, in 1991, with his eponymous book.
  • He narrated the 2013 movie “Hawking”, which tells his story.
  • The Oscar-winning movie The Theory of Everything also took Stephen’s life as inspiration. The feature film won the Academy Award for Best Actor for Eddie Redmayne.
  • Together with his daughter Lucy, he wrote a children’s book called George and the Secret of the Universe.
  • The physicist participated in a special episode of the hit series “The Big Bang Theory”.
  • He also participated in “Star Trek”. At the time, he was a hologram and appeared alongside Newton and Einstein.
  • In music, he participated in the recording of the song “Keep Talking” from the album “The Division Bell” by Pink Floyd.
  • Stephen Hawking attended the opening of the 2012 London Paralympics, where he read a speech.
  • Some cartoons represent the world, such as “The Simpsons”, “Futurama”, “Dexter’s Laboratory”, “Fairly Odd Parents” and “Family Guy”.
  • With his daughter Lucy, he also wrote other children’s stories, such as “George and the Cosmic Treasure Hunt”, “George and the Big Bang”, “George and the Unbreakable Code” and “George the Blue Moon”.
  • His Cambridge University experience was documented in a 2004 film under the direction of Philip Martin.

In short, Stephen Hawking’s life and work are inspiring and show how dedication and passion for what you do can overcome physical limitations.

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