June 24, 2024

Stocks Rise After Record Sales Record; see value

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Stocks Rise After Record Sales Record;  see value

Last Friday (03), the Mulhouse Papers went up. In short, the shares rose more than 20%, the maximum price for the day was 3.28 Brazilian Real. The valuation was so great that the shares were auctioned, having reached the maximum permissible volatility. All this happened, because the company announced last Thursday night (02) that it had set a record for Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) in November. There were R$ 923 million, which is an 87% increase compared to 2020. Plus, it’s the highest value for one month.

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In short, Milius’ bottom line is due to the equilibrium of the Das Black Festival, which took place in November, which produced two more records: an 82% growth in new buyers, and a 70% increase in total buyers, over the same period. period in 2020.

Last Thursday (02), Méliuz ended the day 1.51% lower, trading at R$2.61. On Friday (03) the stock opened a double trading session for the second highest daily increase in the index. NS BTG In a report, he said, in 2020, November represented 52% of Méliuz’s total Q4 GMV. When considering the bank’s estimate of R$1.5 billion for the fourth quarter of 2021, the ratio will reach 63% in 2021.

According to analysts Eduardo Rosman, Ricardo Buchbigel and Thiago Baura:

“Assuming our estimates for the fourth quarter are correct, the implied GMV growth for October/December would be 18% y/y, which appears low given the company’s strong track record. Overall, we see some upside risk in our Q4 GMV number, although It shouldn’t be much higher than what we design.”

Finally, BTG estimates that in 2021 the company is much more highly capitalized, has pulled the trigger in several mergers and acquisitions, and is even more “strong” than it was during its IPO. Thus, the bank reaffirmed its recommendation to buy Melius shares, with a target price of R$6 in one year.

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