June 14, 2024

stop now! 5 habits that destroy your cell phone battery

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stop now!  5 habits that destroy your cell phone battery

Just imagine losing your cell phone due to bad habits? Therefore, taking proper care of your cell phone battery is essential. However, this goes beyond “don’t use your cell phone while charging”. We will therefore see 5 tips on what not to do with the device to preserve its battery.

1. Use the maximum brightness

Using maximum screen brightness puts more stress on your phone and drains the battery faster. However, no problems may arise.

To reduce or avoid this problem, it is indicated not to use the maximum brightness. In addition, today’s smartphones already offer a “night” option so that the design is black.

2. Install heavy games

The thing that requires a lot of battery is to run very heavy games. Depending on your processor, a cell phone will have a lot more wear to be designed for. As a result, it can overheat very easily, which complicates battery life and potentially damages the device.

3. The presence of an unstable vector

Not only does the instability of your signal prevent you from being unreachable, your battery will also be consumed in the process. With this, it is possible to try to solve the problem by calling the carrier or choosing places using Wi-Fi.

4. Enable location and bluetooth

Have you noticed that when you turn off GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, your battery lasts longer? This happens because the more options that are activated on your cell phone, the higher the battery consumption.

5. Not clearing background programs

Websites and apps running in the background also consume a lot of power and can drain your battery.

However, it is a common habit, we always use many apps during the day and never remember to clear them from the background. Therefore, it is indicated that this space is cleaned at least twice a day.

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