June 14, 2024

Strange photos show a goose flying upside down

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A natureza realmente não tem limites, admita

It’s hard to start a story about a goose flying like that above, upside down and with its neck upside down. The situation shown in the picture is simply no The seriousness shown by these nervous birds.

It was the amateur photographer Vincent Cornelissen Record an extraordinary moment He said it took him a while to believe what he was seeing.

Then he shared the photo, which quickly went viral and raised obvious questions: What is going on there?

With the success of the photo came the answer. An expert explained to Vincent on Instagram that the Goose Maneuver even has a name – torsion.

In an interview with the network WGMEOrnithologist Lars Sorenck stated that the goose may have been fair Struggling with aerodynamic limits From his body, to show off to friends.

“Once the baby geese have mastered flight, they start to see what is possible and how far they can go,” Lars said.

They do it to brag in front of their peers. Like, Look at me!“, Complete.

Vincent photographed the strange journey during a tour of Arnhem, the Netherlands, in March. Even after a few months, the photo continues to be successful on social networks and is the subject of interpretations by ornithologists.

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