February 27, 2024
Study shows air filters can eliminate coronaviruses from the environment

Study shows air filters can eliminate coronaviruses from the environment

If confirmed, this discovery could raise the level of safety against Covid-19 indoors to another level.

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247 – Researchers at Cambridge University and Addenbrooke Hospital, UK, have developed a study that suggests air filters are able to remove nearly all traces of the coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, in the environment.

If confirmed, the discovery will allow improvements in the safety of wards against Covid-19, as well as open the possibility of setting standards for cleaner air and a reduced risk of transmission.

Therefore, air filtration will become an effective way to prevent transmission of Covid-19 from patients to healthcare professionals in wards, according to the study published in the journal Clinical Infection Diseases.

“Effective personal protective equipment (PPE) has made a huge difference, but anything we can do to reduce risk further is important,” says Dr. Vilas Navaborlar, an intensive care medicine consultant who led the study.

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