March 3, 2024

Stuffed birds are used for camouflage by drones

Scientists innovate every day with studies and results. This time, a group of researchers from the New Mexico Center for Technical Research (NMT), in Mexico, has presented a new camouflage technology. Drones.

The project consists of using different parts of dead birds, which have gone through the stuffing technique, in drones, in order to leave the equipment disguised during the flight.

So far, the planes are prototypes, but the anticipation of the change they can cause in the use of drones is already great.

See below the flight video made with one of the prototypes:

The project

The first drone prototypes were assembled and tested by a team of researchers led by Dr. Mostafa Hassanalian, Use of parts of different types.

For example, there are the first tests, where the first drone had parts that simulated a bird, but also used another head and wings, in this case, a flying bird. The second equipment was camouflaged with the heads and wings of pigeons, with the body of an artificial bird.

behind the appearance

The project developed by Mexican scientists seeks to go beyond the appearance of birds. Scientists also want to transfer the movement that birds do to drones, as Mostafa explains:

“We want to know how the birds know when to turn. If we program the drones with our control algorithm, we can get the same benefits as the birds. And we can use these algorithms for different types of drones.”

Until now, drones could fly high and in a controlled manner by flapping their wings. The study group aims to improve these movements, and to make the equipment more realistic.

Among the resources available for these improvements is software developed by the researchers, with which it can be simulated normal movement of birds, as well as helping to control their wings.