June 14, 2024

Súmula de São Paulo x Santos cites the attack from Edu Dracena for the verdict: “I’m with…for you, vagabonds” | saints

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Súmula de São Paulo x Santos cites the attack from Edu Dracena for the verdict: "I'm with...for you, vagabonds" |  saints

In the match summary, Foden said that Dracaena prevented the referees from passing through the dressing room tunnel and insulted the team.

– I would like to inform you that at the end of the match, when the referee’s team was already inside the access tunnel to the teams’ dressing rooms and the referee, Mr. Eduardo Luis Aponizio de Sousa asked us and prevented us from proceeding (Edu Dracena), captain of the team saintsuttering the following words, “The damned is always against us, I’ll put your name on the crowd, to catch you in the street, you can tell me, I don’t mind you, bums.” I also inform you that in front of the said words I was offended – mentioned Foden.

Summary of the match Sao Paulo vs Santos informs the referee of the violation of Edo Dracina – Photo: Reproduction

At a press conference after the match, The manager said that Peixe was constantly hurt because of the arbitration The Brazilian Confederation called for improving the level of judges in the country.

Monday night, and saints He issued an official memorandum signed by President Andres Rueda, stating that “Brazilian football needs to be recycled” (see full below).

Leandro Pedro Voadin and Joao Paulo in Sao Paulo against Santos – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

– (I want) to file an appeal with the Brazilian Federation. It’s not the first, it’s not the second, it’s not the third saints get hurt. We are tired of sending official messages to the Brazilian Football Confederation and Paulista to all the entities. Every time saints get hurt. Today, what Foden did, the fourth ruling and the flag against him saints, Can not be done. With all due respect to the professionals. First, it was ugly. Second, the ball saints. The player took Sao Paulo. And thirdly, when the assistant referee signaled our way and then came back, our players were leaving. He should have had the experience to stop the play. Don’t leave it. And soon after, a penalty came out that harms the work we do – said Dracina, who continued:

– So, (Wilson) Senyim, who is responsible for the Brazilian Football Confederation refereeing, that you retrain those referees who take this kind of situation. I’m not saying they’re bad judges, but they should get better. Just like we have to get better. I am indignant here today because I am tired of sending a letter to the Brazilian Confederation.

Best moments: Sao Paulo 2 x 1 Santos, for the fourth round of Brazil 2022

Best moments: Sao Paulo 2 x 1 Santos, for the fourth round of Brazil 2022

Check the official notice for saints:

“The saints FC will not be silent anymore. This isn’t the first time we’ve been hurt this season. We continue to suffer from unacceptable bugs in crucial parts of the game.

Brazilian football referees need recycling and more responsibility in their actions. not only through saints, but by all clubs involved in the sport. We don’t want to be taken advantage of in any way, but we also won’t accept being hurt.

Andrés Rueda, President saints FC “

"The Santos team is saturated with refereeing", Isabel's comments |  crowd sound

“Team Santos is imbued with refereeing,” Isabel comments | crowd sound

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