June 24, 2024

Sylvinho talks about arrhythmia for the first time and details Corinthians’ care routine

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Sylvinho talks about arrhythmia for the first time and details Corinthians' care routine

Technical Sylvinho was suffering from an arrhythmia in the tests conducted in recent days, which are already targeting the 2022 season. The information has been released by rudder last friday. After learning more about the photo, he detailed the entire situation.

As the report showed, Sylvino was able to continue functioning normally even with the discovery of an irregular heartbeat. Under the club’s auspices, the coach said he’s in good shape and talked about the changes he’s made to his routine.

decent. Take advantage of the audience to say that everything is under control. It’s an arrhythmia, yes. control exam. I did all the other tests right away and then found a heart that was, yes, healthy, good, with no major problems. Obviously we’re going to study, and she’s already studying and looking for solutions to the arrhythmia. But that does not stop me from working. I have been working since last week. It doesn’t stop me from going on vacation, I’ll take my leave, obviously always in touch with the club, the management board and in search of our plan that started ten, 15 or 20 days ago. But ok, cool, healthy, we’ll fix that over time, he said in an interview with Bandeirantes Radio, on this Monday.

Arrhythmia is characterized by a change in the heartbeat. The frequency of the pulse becomes unstable, with more or less beats than it should be. It is the result of physical or psychological problems and can get worse if not treated. Therefore, Sylvino insisted that the disease was not the result of his work routine.

“We have to be clear because today we live in a difficult world with information. So, the professionals took me. Of course my life has changed, you live for work and the job requires it. I’ve always known him, I know it works that way, but not because of him. Stress enhances one condition or another, but it is not caused by (action). People start to make a little bit of chaos, and a little bit of misunderstanding. These things happen. He was probably getting too close to me, we still don’t know which one, so just to make it clear‘ said the coach.

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