February 28, 2024
Tadeu Schmidt is the new BBB presenter;  Maju will take over the Fantástico show alongside Poliana |  Wonderful

Tadeu Schmidt is the new BBB presenter; Maju will take over the Fantástico show alongside Poliana | Wonderful

Mago Coutinho will display Wonderful Next to Poliana Abrita NS Thaddeus Schmidt He will be the new presenter of Brazil is the big brother, from 2022. The journalist, who has already hosted the show, was greeted on stage at Fantástico by the duo who have led Globo Sunday nights since 2014. On the air, they tell the news and changes in TV news.

While photographing horses in Fantástico, Tadeu’s speech is interrupted by a noise. It was a big fucking scary! He answered and heard this warning:

“Attention, Thaddeus Schmidt. Head to the stage now. An important message has arrived for you!”

Big Fone played in the newsroom at Fantástico with a letter to Tadeu Schmidt – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

The message was from Boninho, director of Variety Genre at Globo, who invited the presenter to join the reality show cast.

“Raise your voice, Tadeu! Why did you attend Big Fone? Everyone knows that Big Fone usually has some consequences. So, I came here to tell everyone that you are going to be our new Big Brother host. We are so happy and so glad that you took this madness with us, This crazy ship, this pitch fire…”

Bonigno, director of Variety Genre at Globo, said Tadeu will be presenter of BBB 22. – Photo: Reproducer/TV Globo

Thaddeus reacted with great joy and emotion:

“I’m sparkling, so excited! And at the same time with a sinking heart, because I’m leaving Fantastico. I’ve been here for 14 years. It’s been years of full realization, moments that changed my life and I’ll never forget.” I will not cry! This is not goodbye. However … “

Tadeu was moved when he told about his 14 years at Fantástico. – Photo: Playback / TV Globo

Then the presenters revealed who would replace him at Fantástico: Mago Coutinho. She entered the theater and received the new duet Polyana.

“I am very happy because I feel that I will float away. I even dreamed about it, I told Poliana. I gladly accepted the invitation to present Fantástico at her side. It is historic. Two women in charge of Show da Vida!”

Maju Coutinho will be the new presenter for Fantástico, alongside Poliana Abritta. – Photo: Playback / TV Globo

When Maju Coutinho made his debut as the reigning Fantástico title holder, César Tralli will introduce JH. Alan Severiano will offer his place SP1.

Then the presenters gathered on stage.

Thaddeus: This phase of Fantastic will be historic. I’ll be cheered and cheered by BBB.

Polyana: We encourage this aspect.

The presenters said goodbye hand in hand, wishing ‘good night’ in one voice – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

The adorable little horses mourned the passing of Thaddeus, they even cried. 😥 But the presenter confirmed: “There are those who will come to take care of you with great affection. We will announce the name soon.”

NS flamingo horse He rejoiced and said, “We will miss you very much, brother!”

that’s when Atletico MG horse Corrector: “Brother No. Big Brother!”

The little horses were saddened by Tadeu’s passing, but they made the presenters laugh, though – Photo: clone/TV Globo

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Read Globo’s press release in full:

Fans of the country’s most watched reality show can now welcome its newest members. Tadao Schmidt will present the 22nd edition of “Big Brother Brazil”. Fantástico presenter, Tadeu has 24 years of history in Globo and will begin his new challenge at Globo’s Entertainment in January, on the new season premiere of Reality.

“I am very proud and happy to have been chosen for this task. Everyone knows what BBB stands for, and how people have moved. Plus it remains my daughters’ favorite show. It is an honor to play the same role as two of the greatest talents in Brazilian television history, Thiago Levert and Pedro Biel,” he says. Tado Schmidt: “I’m so bright and excited!”

With Tadeu’s departure for “BBB”, “Fantástico” will be presented by two ladies: Poliana Abreta will have journalist Mago Coutinho as partner in charge of Sunday.

“It’s really great to have two women tie together a super important program like ‘Fantastic’. It represents a new time,” Maju highlights.

Tadeu Schmidt, presenter of the new “BBB” show

Tadeu Schmidt is the new BBB presenter – Photo: TV Globo / João Cotta

In 1997, Tadeu joined TV Globo Brasília, and three years later, he joined the sports team of the Rio de Janeiro Network. With a light and humorous style, he has worked as a reporter and presenter for television news programs such as Esporte Epetacular, Globo Esporte, Jornal Nacional and Bom Dia Brasil, and has been involved in major coverage. Events such as the Olympics, World Cup and Formula 1.

He arrived at Fantástico in 2007 with the responsibility of creating a new format for the goals of the tour until he definitively took over the establishment of “Show da Vida” in 2011. Over the course of 14 years, he has created very successful paintings, such as “Full Ball, Withered Ball”, “Virtual Detective” And the horses, which began digital, later gained voice, charisma, and the whole country. It also gave a player who scored three goals in the same match the right to request music in ‘Fantástico’, a joke that transcended the sport and became a motto among Brazilians whenever someone achieved the same feat three times.

Pride in being a part of the program’s history that gathers information, entertainment, reports, and behavior is immeasurable. “I am still heartbroken to leave a ‘wonderful’ movie. It has been 14 years of full realization, of so many life-changing moments that I will never forget. But I am still proud and happy to have been chosen for this new assignment,” he delivers.

Maju Coutinho, presenter of the new Fantástico

Maju Coutinho is the presenter of the new Fantástico – Photo: TV Globo / João Cotta

At Globo since 2007, Maria Júlia Coutinho worked as a reporter for local television news programs in São Paulo for six years before being first chosen to present, as an alternative, weather forecasts in ‘Globo Rural’ and ‘Bom Dia Brasil.’ A year later, in ‘Hora 1’ He comfortably told ‘what clothes’ Brazilians should leave the house, playing Noel Rosa verses. He also made his mark on deciphering weather maps on other news programmes, before debuting on ‘Jornal Nacional’ in 2015, but this time on The air is live, as the weather forecast has never been implemented.

With its relaxed style and luxurious appeal, Magoo soon conquered the country. As alternate host, Mago made his Jornal Hoje debut in 2017 and Jornal Nacional in 2019, a few months before making his solo debut as a debutante on the JH bench. She is also one of the hosts of GloboNews and the podcast “Papo de Política”. A couple of years ago, she replaced Poliana Abreta on her vacation at “Fantástico” and now she’s definitely ready to share her anchor with her weekly Sunday Night magazine.

“Having faced the challenge of presenting JH on my own, especially during the pandemic, when the newspaper had very hot information, I am now happy to go to Fantástico, a program I have always admired and always wanted to work with with the honor of having a woman by my side,” he says.