February 25, 2024

Take care! TikTok removes content from users who do so

The social network TikTok is implementing a new policy to deal with misinformation related to climate change and other topics. Going forward, posts that contain conspiracy theories, fake news, or challenge the “established scientific consensus” will be removed from the platform. This includes questions about the greenhouse effect and global warming, among others. The measure was announced in March 2023 and is already in effect.

TikTok will redirect searches for controversial topics. Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia/pronatec.pro.br

TikTok will redirect searches to controversial topics

Users searching for topics related to the topic in the social network’s search will be directed to “information from authorities” on that topic, such as the United Nations or digital influencers in scholarly publishing. Posts that only discuss the topic, talk about parallel events, or are educational will continue to air as normal.

In addition, ByteDance, which is in charge of the service, has made it mandatory to identify deepfakes on the platform. A montage that swaps one person’s face for another should be identified as AI-generated content. These measures were adopted after criticism of the social network for publishing harmful content.

It should be noted that TikTok still has other problems. In the US, there are allegations of links with the Chinese government and possible breaches of privacy towards US users. In some public bodies in the country, the use of the platform on professional or corporate mobile phones has already been banned.

Despite the challenges, TikTok has sought to establish itself as a reliable source of information and a safe environment for its users. Most recently, she created an exclusive feed of precision science and technology content, demonstrating her commitment to providing accurate and relevant information to her community.

With the new policy for dealing with misinformation about climate change and other topics, the platform is strengthening its role as a trusted space for sharing content and connecting with others.

It is important that users use the platform consciously and responsibly, check the accuracy of information before sharing it and contribute to a healthier and safer digital environment.

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Tips for checking the accuracy of the information

Validating information before sharing it is essential to prevent the spread of misinformation. Some simple tips for verifying the accuracy of information include:

Check the sourceVerify whether the source of information is reliable and whether it has credibility on the topic covered.

Find other sourcesLook for other sources that confirm or refute the information. And the more reliable sources confirm the information, the higher the chances that it will be true.

Check the dateEnsure that the information is current and not outdated.

Language analysisReview the language used in the information and see if it is sensationalist, exaggerated, or biased.

Check out the photos: Verify that the photos or videos attached to the information are original and have not been manipulated.

Consult the expertsIf the information is technical or scientific, consult subject matter experts for validation.

In short, to validate information before sharing it, it is important to have a keen critical sense, seek information from reliable sources and consult experts when necessary. In this way, we can contribute to a healthier digital environment and prevent the spread of misinformation.

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