February 9, 2023

Tarcísio Meira goes to “continuous dialysis”, and Gloria Menezes will leave the nasal oxygen

Gloria Menezes and Tarcisio Mera have been hospitalized for complications from COVID-19 (Photo: Divulgação/Globo)

Gloria Menezes and Tarcisio Mera released their medical bulletins this Tuesday (10) by Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo. They are being hospitalized due to complications from Covid.

“Mr Tarcisio Meira and Ms Gloria Menezes have been hospitalized at the Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo, in the Morumbi Unit, since August 6 to treat complications from COVID-19. Mr. Tarcisio is undergoing treatment in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with the support of ventilation. Invasive mechanical and continuous dialysis. Mrs. Gloria is recovering well, in an apartment, and begins weaning from nasal oxygen.”

Last week, the couple’s son, Tarcísio Filho, explained to the site that Gloria Menezes is responding well to treatment:

– The mother is in good health, she is in the room.

Tarcísio Meira and Gloria Menezes have been hospitalized at Morumbi Hospital since the first week of August to treat complications that have occurred with Covid-19.

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