February 28, 2024
Telegram will start showing ads, but in a different way than Facebook

Telegram will start showing ads, but in a different way than Facebook

A year after it was announced that the ads would start running, a . file has been released cable Opened the advertising program that will include the platform. The Telegram Ad Platform, as it was called, will allow people and businesses to bring ads to public channels, but without interfering with private conversations or users’ privacy.

Telegram ads will not be located throughout the application, but only on open messaging channels that have more than a thousand members. This advertisement takes the form of “Sponsored Messages”, which appear like any other submission in a channel, but with an advertisement indicator in the lower right corner of the balloon and possibly a link to the channel for the service or product.

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And no, Telegram will not collect users’ personal data, nor will it break into personal conversations to redirect ads. The ad platform reveals that the ads will depend on the topic of the channel in question – if it’s a general channel about restaurants, for example, the ad tends to be about food; If it comes to travel, airlines and accommodations will appear.

Subject-based ads

Without personal data, ads tend to be less effective at attracting clicks, but linking to a channel topic is an interesting solution to help find potential customers and maintain privacy in general. The lack of external links in the booster messages is also a positive factor, as it prevents users from clicking on malicious posts.

Now, according to Telegram, sponsored messages are in a testing period. Once it is finally released and the advertising revenue is sufficient to cover the maintenance costs of the messenger, the company will share a portion of the profits with the administrators of the public channels that carry the ads.

Those interested in promoting messages can now check out the Telegram Ads Platform Policies and Guidelines for official site – There too full tutorial On the platform (English only). At the moment, there are no expectations for the final start of ad distribution on Telegram.

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