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Tens of thousands criticize COP26 and call for climate justice in Glasgow - 06/11/2021 - Daily Life

Tens of thousands criticize COP26 and call for climate justice in Glasgow – 06/11/2021 – Daily Life

On Saturday, tens of thousands of people asked (6) Urgent Actions To combat climate injustice (combining the climate crisis with social issues), is underway in Glasgow, a Scottish city where it continues until the twelfth. COP26The conference in which the countries that joined the Paris Agreement participated your discussion Regulation.

The march, organized by the COP26 coalition, which includes more than 100 entities, covered about 4 kilometers in the presence of steady rain, strong winds and a heat sensation that did not exceed 8 degrees Celsius.

Organizers said more than 200,000 people attended. UK Police do not provide estimates and there is no independent assessment. The walk took about three hours to reach Glasgow’s green park, where speeches and musical performances took place.

thus As in tonight’s act, of Friday for Future, a network to which Swedish activist Greta Thunberg belongs, there were shouts of “Get out, Bolsonaro!” On stage and in the audience.

In the law passed on Saturday, sidewalk protesters also pulled a chorus against the Brazilian president, who has been criticized by civil society organizations for persecuting indigenous leaders.

Because Recent statements Bolsonaro, Brazil awarded ‘counter prize’ Fossil of the week.

In addition to youth groups that had previously participated in Friday’s demonstration and environmentalists, Saturday’s rally brought together trade unions, pacifists, feminists, black movements, Indigenous groups, left-wing and religious political parties, Scottish independence movements and party politicians. Greens and groups of scientists, doctors and educators.

Under the umbrella of “climate justice,” protesters criticized COP26 leaders and negotiators for not acting enough to limit global warming to a maximum of 2°C above the pre-industrial period, as stipulated in the Paris Agreement.

All of the group representatives who spoke at the end of the rally said that the COP delegates were precisely the people who had sparked the climate crisis and advocated for a change “in the system”: consumption was one of the main goals.

Starting Sunday, the COP26 Alliance will promote a A parallel conference called the People’s Summit, to discuss solutions to the crisis “from below”.