February 27, 2024

Teresa Santos on Miss Universe: ‘It will take some time for me to understand the result’

Miss Brazil 2021, Teresa Santos, spoke on his social networking sites about the result of the Miss Universe contest, in which he represented the country on Sunday night (12) in Israel. The 23-year-old national Ceara, identified by the Specialists as one of the favorites, was not among the 16 semi-finalists in the fray. It is the first time in ten years that a Brazilian actor has been disqualified from the first part of the competition.

“I know I worked hard and worked hard, before and during Miss Universe. (…) I admit that it will take me some time to comprehend the result,” Teresa wrote in an Instagram post.

India’s Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu was the big winner of Miss Universe 2021. Nadia Ferreira of Paraguay came in second place, while Lalela Lally of South Africa came in third.

In a series of videos released a few hours after the competition ended, the Brazil actress had already thanked the audience for the support and encouragement, affirming her and her team’s commitment to winning the title of Miss Universe 2021 and quelling speculation about the reasons for the defeat.

“No matter what assumptions you will make, why, that is, I just want to tell you that the outside person’s point of view is very different from the inside point of view. I have a lot of confidence, and I have a lot of peace of mind because I did a flawless job before, during and after confinement” , He said.

In the latest edition, she thanked Teresa again for the affection she received and also highlighted feelings of gratitude for the accomplishments already made, regardless of the outcome of Sunday’s dispute. “I’m Miss Brazil Number 67! I represented my people in the 70th year of Miss Universe! Is this building history or not?! I built my own to show my true version. No pretense, no ready-made speeches, or any appearance that does not match my personality. It has always been my intention Being a woman who carries behind her glamor her weaknesses,” she stated.

The official Miss Universe Brazil page paid tribute to Cearense. We know what a responsibility it is to represent a country, but you do it with so much love and sweetness that we fascinate. His will, dedication and commitment have been symbols of inspiration to us and thousands of people alike. We are sure he will have a beautiful reign,” the competition’s organization stated in the post.

Teresa Santos was born in Fortaleza, but grew up in the municipality of Maranguabi, 27 kilometers from the capital, Ceará. By combining her modeling career and college psychology, Miss Brasil 2021 won the national title on November 9. She had already come close to the title in 2018, when she placed third in the competition.