June 14, 2024

The American YouTuber who caused a plane crash loses his pilot’s license

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The American YouTuber who caused a plane crash loses his pilot's license

American YouTuber Trevor Jacob lost his pilot’s license after filming himself parachuting out of a wrecked plane. The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) deemed him to have flown “carelessly”. He is suspected of causing the plane crash.

In January of this year, Trevor said that in a video posted to his YouTube channel on December 23 last year, he was taking a hike over the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, scattering the ashes of a friend he passed by. Away.

During the flight he claimed that the plane had technical problems and then filmed himself parachuting out of the plane, which then crashed. He also documented his route after hitting the ground, which he said was a six-hour walk.

At the time of publication, many doubts were raised about the authenticity of the accident, considering that he deliberately left the plane, which would not have any problems, to crash.

Aviation experts considered the situation to be premeditated and that the mere fact that he was actually in a parachute was suspicious. Then close the comments on the video.

The New York Times gained access to a letter the Federal Aviation Administration sent to a YouTuber on April 11 informing him that the license had been revoked for violating aviation regulations. The document said he flew the plane “recklessly or recklessly to endanger the life or property of another person.”

During this flight, she opened the pilot’s left door before claiming that the engine had failed.
Letter from the Federal Aviation Administration to Trevor Jacob

In addition, the agency stated that before jumping out of the plane, Jacob did not attempt to contact air traffic control on the emergency frequency, did not attempt to restart the engine by increasing the airflow above the propeller, and did not look for a place to land. . safely, “although there were several areas where he could have landed safely.”

The New York Times contacted Trevor Jacob, who did not immediately respond, and later said he could not comment on the case, on orders from his attorney, but that “the truth will come out.”

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