March 29, 2023

The artist has created realistic art of the character Cheetara, from Thundercats, and the result is really cool

Thunder drawing

Photo – Playback / Warner Bros. TV distribution

Personal Shitara She became one of the main ones in the “ThunderCats” franchise. Described as a humanoid with incredible skill, she wields a staff while fighting, but can also fight freely without the aid of an item.

Not much is known about his past. It is the only adult female in the group, based on the cheetah, an animal belonging to the cat family that can reach speeds of 80 to 130 km/h. In addition to super speed, Cheetara also has psychic abilities, for which she is well received by the audience.

It is ranked by Comic Book Resources as the 11th best in the franchise. The animated series has led to games based on the characters. Comic Book Resources considered the doll based on Cheetara one of its most valuable.

“ThunderCats” features the story of the feline humans coming from Thundera. After their homeland ends, they find a home on a new planet.

There, the Warriors must battle the evil power of Mumm-Ra, an undead wizard known to be the source of all evil.

Professional painter Bruno Mora He used his skills to create amazingly realistic Shitara character art. While maintaining all of his major physical attributes, he achieved a very impressive result.