February 27, 2024

The average price of fuel at gas stations shows a slight decrease in the week of Petrobras adjustment, according to the National Ports Agency | Economy

Fuel and Gasoline – Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

Average prices per liter of petrol, ethanol and diesel fell slightly at gas stations after Petrobras adjusted prices according to refineries. This is shown by the data of the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), released on Friday (19). The survey is for the week of May 14-20.

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▶️ gasoline: Fuel was sold at an average price 5.46 BRL a liter.

  • The value represents a decrease of 0.54% compared to 5.49 Brazilian reals last week, according to data from the National Ports Agency.
  • The maximum price of fuel found at gas stations was R$7.30.

▶️ ethanol: The average price of ethanol, in turn, decreased to 3.99 BRL last week.

  • The decline was 2.44% with respect to 4.09 Brazilian reals last week.
  • The highest price set by the National Ports Agency was R$6.29.

▶️ diesel: Liters of diesel fell for the 15th week in a row: it was 5.52 Brazilian Real to 5.39 Brazilian Real.

  • The decrease in fuel price was 2.35%.
  • The most valuable value the agency found for the week was 7.69 Brazilian reals.

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How does the calculator work?

The average calculation is based on the price and performance of each fuel. With gasoline and ethanol prices fluctuating at gas stations, the most advantageous option may vary.

According to specialists, ethanol is most beneficial when its price is up to 70% of the price of gasoline. Understanding of calculus.

Reduce fuel

It should be noted that the prices charged by gas stations also take into account, in addition to taxes, the profits of distributors and sellers

  • The reduction in the price of petrol was by Petrobras 0.40 Brazilian Real per liter, down 12.6%;
  • The diesel price was reduced by the state-owned company 0.44 Brazilian Real per liter down 12.8%.

With these adjustments, the two fuels now have the lowest value in refineries since August 2021.

Also last Tuesday, Petrobras announced a change in its pricing policy. Since then, the state company no longer adheres to the Parity International (PPI) policy, which readjusted the price of fuel based on changes in the dollar and oil prices abroad.

Now the company will take two points as a reference to set its prices:

  1. The alternative cost to the customer, as a value to be determined as a priority in pricing;
  2. Petrobras marginal value.

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