June 25, 2024

The Best Time to Get the Flu Shot, As Recommended by Doctors

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The Best Time to Get the Flu Shot, As Recommended by Doctors

Title: Get Prepared for the 2023 Flu Season: Vaccination Clinics Now Offering Flu Shots

With the 2023 flu season just around the corner, vaccination clinics are gearing up to offer flu shots to the public. Experts recommend getting vaccinated as soon as the flu shot becomes available, typically in September or October.

The flu shot provides protection against the flu virus, and it can be obtained at any time during the flu season. The season typically peaks between December and February and can last until May. However, health authorities advise against receiving the vaccination in July and August since it may not be as effective during these months.

It is recommended that everyone over six months old get a flu vaccine, with few exceptions for those who have had severe allergic reactions to previous vaccinations. Different vaccines are available for different age groups, with a high-dose formulation recommended for individuals aged 65 and older.

Children under eight years of age who are receiving the flu vaccine for the first time will need to receive two doses to ensure adequate protection.

The flu shot for the upcoming 2023-2024 cold and flu season is already available commercially. The strain compositions for this year’s vaccine have been updated based on the circulating strains, so it offers protection against the specific flu viruses expected to circulate this season.

Patients with egg allergies no longer need special monitoring as both egg-based and non-egg-based vaccines are safe to receive. Special considerations exist for seniors and immunocompromised individuals, as egg-free formulations and dosing recommendations are available to meet their needs.

Experts stress the importance of getting the flu shot every year as the virus strains causing the flu constantly change, and vaccine protection may decline over time.

There are two different vaccination methods available: injectable and nasal spray. Injectable flu shots are suitable for children and adults, while nasal spray is recommended for individuals aged two to 49. However, pregnant individuals, children with asthma or wheezing, people with weakened immune systems, and those with specific medical conditions should not opt for the nasal spray vaccine.

As the 2023 flu season approaches, it is crucial to prioritize getting vaccinated to protect yourself and those around you from the flu. By taking this simple step, you can reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the flu virus. Consult your local vaccination clinic for more information on flu shot availability and accessibility.

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